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A Very Race-y Post…

Where did No Disrespect go????  Yeah, I took a bit of a blog holiday.  Honestly, my last post cracked me up, and I was trying to top myself with another brilliant idea.  Finally, I just gave up.  I’m not that … Continue reading

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No No Disrespect… Literally

In solidarity with Wikipedia, Reddit… and WordPress (my home), No Disrespect will be boycotting the internet tomorrow to protest the anti-piracy bill, The “Stop Online Piracy Act,” commonly referred to as SOPA.  Yukky, yukky stuff. In theory, this bill aims to … Continue reading

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Six Things: How to Lose Friends and Piss Off People

So, Mr. Friendly, you are a social butterfly… making friends left and right. You have plans every single weekend and people go out of their way to be in your presence. Lucky? Well, to me, not so much. People are … Continue reading

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My Unqualified Opinion on the Penn State Scandal

Alright. After engaging in Facebook battles on this issue over the past days, I suppose it’s time for me to comment on the whole Penn State mess.  I’m angry enough.  I have read the indictment, and it is sickening. (I’m … Continue reading

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Post #100(!) and one big royal f-… errr… Thank You!

First some housekeeping: Yes, it’s true.  I have not posted my blog to Facebook/Google+ over the past couple of days.  I still writing and post articles – but I do not feel the need to publicize the blog as much … Continue reading

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(More) Sad Stories of Online Dating

Heyo!  You probably noticed that there was no blog post posted to Facebook yesterday.  Oh, I did write an article, but I decided not to cross post to social media.  I’ve decided that I’m not going to publicize every single … Continue reading

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Why I hate Indian People…

First of all, thank God we are all still alive!   Another Rapture averted!   I ended up surviving End Times (again).  How about you?  Are you still alive???  Well… are you?  Or do you just exist in this world? … Continue reading

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