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A No Good, Disgusting, Very Bad Day (And hey, Happy Veterans Day!)

Yesterday, I had a day.  I wasn’t feeling all that well to begin with…  (I was not necessarily sick… but blah was the word.)  I got through the morning okay… but everything started to fall apart once I tried to … Continue reading

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Metro Vignettes

As most of you know, I don’t own a car at the moment; so I make my way around town on public transportation. I spend a significant amount of time waiting, boarding and traveling on the bus and Metro systems… … Continue reading

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Commuter Hell

If you don’t live in DC… you probably don’t know that somebody (apparently) tried to commit suicide yesterday by jumping in front of a moving subway train at a Virginia metro station. During rush hour.  Yeah.  (Actually, the incident happened … Continue reading

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Transportation Woes

I had thought about writing this blog post a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, Cracked.com beat me to it. Well, frack it. I’m writing it anyway. Go read their article… and then come back and judge which one is funnier. (I’m … Continue reading

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