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Monday morning… fully experienced

First, some housekeeping. I finally learned how to change the blog discussion settings; you should be able to leave comments anonymously now.  I haven’t tested it so TAG… you’re it(!); let’s see how it works. Short post today.  It is … Continue reading

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Six Things I learned (over the past two weeks): The Patience Edition

I haven’t written one of these columns in a few weeks. Initially, my thought was to list twelve things that I learned over the past month-ish… but I’m too lazy. So this week, this blog post will contain six things … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions: A Revisit

(Today is a short post because I’m going on vacation tomorrow.  If you want to rob my house, don’t. There are wayyyy too many nosy neighbors looking after my condo. And yeah, the catsitter will be around every day to … Continue reading

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Six Things I Learned this Week

It’s Saturday, and like most of the week, it was a wash. I have done (and accomplished) absolutely nothing of note… ahhh, just another week in my household. High expectations, where are you? So to appease and amuse myself, here’s … Continue reading

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