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Six Ways to Stay (Un)Happy Forever

During my blog absence (again), I’ve been *ahem*… growing.  Not up, mind you (dammit)… but figuratively, exploring my squishy insides… Dale Carnegie‘s books entered my life, and I’ve been emulating his teachings.  That is, I’m trying to be a more … Continue reading

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Protected: Why it sucks to be a girl (sometimes…)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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One of those Weeks…

It’s only Wednesday, and already, I’m thinking I should find a way to  “press restart”  on this week.  Nothing is going right AT ALL!!!  Let’s start from the present and move back, shall we? Yo.  Check it out.  Yesterday evening, … Continue reading

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Six Things: How to Lose Friends and Piss Off People

So, Mr. Friendly, you are a social butterfly… making friends left and right. You have plans every single weekend and people go out of their way to be in your presence. Lucky? Well, to me, not so much. People are … Continue reading

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Bikram Yoga: The Experience

I have very tight muscles due to an auto accident that I incurred a few years ago… My neck, shoulders and hips feel like boulders!  After a massage therapist attempted to break them down (painfully), she “ordered” me to try … Continue reading

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Halloween, Bhangra Style

First, apologies to those who took the time to write comments over the past week. Most ended up in my spam box. It’s all fixed now and posted to the site!!!  Even the backhanded compliments made the cut!  My policy … Continue reading

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Why I hate Indian People…

First of all, thank God we are all still alive!   Another Rapture averted!   I ended up surviving End Times (again).  How about you?  Are you still alive???  Well… are you?  Or do you just exist in this world? … Continue reading

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