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Bikram Yoga: The Experience

I have very tight muscles due to an auto accident that I incurred a few years ago… My neck, shoulders and hips feel like boulders!  After a massage therapist attempted to break them down (painfully), she “ordered” me to try … Continue reading

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BOA: Bank of A$$wipes…

No Disrespect is trying to will herself to write this blog. I have a topic in mind… but no inspiration. Also, I’m starting to write this post at 10:49 PM on Tuesday… Usually I’m too busy on Wednesdays to give … Continue reading

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Horrible, Terrible, No Good Job Interview Questions/Moron Central

Whoo Hoo! You know you’ve made it in the blog world… when you receive your first troll. Some stranger decided to tell me how he really felt about my writing. (Note: Not Safe For Work) I’m just honored that I … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t use Debit Cards for Purchases

As you all probably know (and have complained about bitterly), Bank of America and a few other select banks will start levying a $5 monthly charge for debit card purchases next year. Now whyyyyyyy would they do that and risk … Continue reading

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Hey There Good Looking!!! Fashion for Short People

Anyone that knows me personally recongizes that I’m the last person to talk to about clothing and fashion. I like what I like, and I wear it… no matter if it’s in “fashion” or not. I really don’t care. Comfort … Continue reading

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Transportation Woes

I had thought about writing this blog post a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, Cracked.com beat me to it. Well, frack it. I’m writing it anyway. Go read their article… and then come back and judge which one is funnier. (I’m … Continue reading

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Fear of A Zen Planet

Fear of A Zen Planet.

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