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Six Ways to Stay (Un)Happy Forever

During my blog absence (again), I’ve been *ahem*… growing.  Not up, mind you (dammit)… but figuratively, exploring my squishy insides… Dale Carnegie‘s books entered my life, and I’ve been emulating his teachings.  That is, I’m trying to be a more … Continue reading

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Protected: Why it sucks to be a girl (sometimes…)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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No No Disrespect… Literally

In solidarity with Wikipedia, Reddit… and WordPress (my home), No Disrespect will be boycotting the internet tomorrow to protest the anti-piracy bill, The “Stop Online Piracy Act,” commonly referred to as SOPA.  Yukky, yukky stuff. In theory, this bill aims to … Continue reading

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Woooooo… It’s Friday the 13th

I thought my week was getting better, but just when the ball started to rise… it came back down again.  Hard.  *Sigh*  Well, it’s a fitting day to be so bleak.  For it is Friday the 13th.   (Did that … Continue reading

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The BEST Chicken Noodle Soup

Yes, folks.  I’ve been slacking on my blogging “duties” lately.  I’m just not inspired at all at the moment.  That, or I’m just lazy.  If I want to be honest with myself, it is definitely number 2. (Insert your own … Continue reading

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Workout DVD Rotations with Some Junk (in the trunk)…

[Ed Note: This post is one that I wish I read six months ago, when I started to exercise regularly… Maybe I’ll help a few people who are in the same boat… or maybe I am full of myself.  Take … Continue reading

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The Problem with Being Brown

Yesterday, as I was walking home, a disheveled, bearded white guy walked right past me, turned around, and started talking in very bad Hindi to me. “Namaste… śubh sandhyā…”  (Read: Hello.  Good evening.)  He was harmless, and probably spent some … Continue reading

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