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Facebook is DEAD to Me (well, comatose anyway…)

Well, I disappeared yet again. What can I say?!?!??? I have stuff to write about… I’m just not that motivated at the moment to do so. Bite me. Bite me hard. What can I say about the social networking sinkhole… … Continue reading

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No No Disrespect… Literally

In solidarity with Wikipedia, Reddit… and WordPress (my home), No Disrespect will be boycotting the internet tomorrow to protest the anti-piracy bill, The “Stop Online Piracy Act,” commonly referred to as SOPA.  Yukky, yukky stuff. In theory, this bill aims to … Continue reading

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Welcome to my (Cat’s) Nightmare… the Roomba

In my never ending quest to rid myself of beaucoup de flying cat hair in my condo, I broke down last month and bought a Roomba.  Quizzing my friends and family who own one, they raved up and down about how … Continue reading

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Six Things I Learned This Week: The Early Edition (11/3/11)

Usually, I write this article on Friday. But I have a better idea for a blog post then, so everything got shifted around. I actually DID learn six (marginally useful) facts this week, so let’s do this thing. One day … Continue reading

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Post #100(!) and one big royal f-… errr… Thank You!

First some housekeeping: Yes, it’s true.  I have not posted my blog to Facebook/Google+ over the past couple of days.  I still writing and post articles – but I do not feel the need to publicize the blog as much … Continue reading

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Six Things I Learned This Week: The “Give it To Me” Version (10/21/11)

Today’s the last day of Readers’ Suggestion Week.  The impetus of this theme came when one of my friends called me and gave me a rundown of interesting news items that occurred over the past few weeks.  So yeah, all … Continue reading

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Screw… Drivers(!)

Readers’ Suggestion Week continues.  Day 3.  Whew!  All I can say is… one day to go!!!  (I love you guys, but I’ve realized that this blog is harder to write when I’m not using my creative thought processes.  But on … Continue reading

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