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“Live Blogging” the State of the Union Address (Sort of…)

Well, now that it’s one day later and pretty much the entire country has moved on… yeah, let’s hear what I have to say about the State of the Union Address.   Since WordPress does not allow for live blogging … Continue reading

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No No Disrespect… Literally

In solidarity with Wikipedia, Reddit… and WordPress (my home), No Disrespect will be boycotting the internet tomorrow to protest the anti-piracy bill, The “Stop Online Piracy Act,” commonly referred to as SOPA.  Yukky, yukky stuff. In theory, this bill aims to … Continue reading

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My Unqualified Opinion on the Penn State Scandal

Alright. After engaging in Facebook battles on this issue over the past days, I suppose it’s time for me to comment on the whole Penn State mess.  I’m angry enough.  I have read the indictment, and it is sickening. (I’m … Continue reading

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A No Good, Disgusting, Very Bad Day (And hey, Happy Veterans Day!)

Yesterday, I had a day.  I wasn’t feeling all that well to begin with…  (I was not necessarily sick… but blah was the word.)  I got through the morning okay… but everything started to fall apart once I tried to … Continue reading

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BOA: Bank of A$$wipes…

No Disrespect is trying to will herself to write this blog. I have a topic in mind… but no inspiration. Also, I’m starting to write this post at 10:49 PM on Tuesday… Usually I’m too busy on Wednesdays to give … Continue reading

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DC’s Drag Queen High Heel Race

On Tuesday, along with 100,000 of my closest buddies, I attended the Drag Queen High Heel Races in DC.  Heralding the unofficial start of the “holiday season,” men dressed up in women’s clothes, makeup and falsies; put on (at least) … Continue reading

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Six Things I Learned This Week: The “Give it To Me” Version (10/21/11)

Today’s the last day of Readers’ Suggestion Week.  The impetus of this theme came when one of my friends called me and gave me a rundown of interesting news items that occurred over the past few weeks.  So yeah, all … Continue reading

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