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Drag Queens and Whatnot

Often, people come up to me and say: “Hey, No Disrespect… I have a great idea for your blog!!!! Hear me out!”  Sometimes I run with it… honestly, though, most of the time I’m distracted with other newsworthy events and … Continue reading

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Commuter Hell

If you don’t live in DC… you probably don’t know that somebody (apparently) tried to commit suicide yesterday by jumping in front of a moving subway train at a Virginia metro station. During rush hour.  Yeah.  (Actually, the incident happened … Continue reading

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Happy Hour Conversations

Since today is (technically) a holiday, I’m keeping this blog post short and sweet.  A lot of people I know have the day off today… I don’t.  I’m bitter.  So I’ll take it out on you guys. (Not really.) * … Continue reading

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The Weekend of Indianness

Last weekend, my parents came to town to visit me. Aside from their flights being delayed for 3+ hours each way (“bad weather”), they had a good time, I think. Mom and Dad have been to Washington, DC so many … Continue reading

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HEAT WAVE!!!! (aka, Sweat Ceiling)

I’m sorry that I’ve been slagging on the whole blog thing.  For the next week or so, don’t expect much here.  I have wayyyy too much going on work-wise.  I haven’t even had a chance to exercise recently, which makes … Continue reading

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Girls, Girls, Girls… and Parties

I spent my Saturday evening sitting on a rooftop overlooking Washington, enjoying tapas and wine, chatting with girlfriends.  The conversation has not changed much since our teens… catching up, job, boys, interesting happenings, boys, gossip, boys, politics… boys.   I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting: The Pictures

Let nobody say that I do not lead an exciting life… So yesterday, a friend and I attended our neighborhood association’s annual meeting.   Arlington County’s Manager gave a remarkably good speech, and I was able to address some Fourth of … Continue reading

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