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Monday morning… fully experienced

First, some housekeeping. I finally learned how to change the blog discussion settings; you should be able to leave comments anonymously now.  I haven’t tested it so TAG… you’re it(!); let’s see how it works. Short post today.  It is … Continue reading

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So sick… part deux (… and there’s MORE)

This blog posting will be relatively brief. In my wisest moment, I decided to eat potato chips for dinner last night. I am paying the price for it today. Oh, stomach: please heal thyself soon! And just to add insult … Continue reading

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Sick Day!

Today I was going to branch out and write something that was not about me, myself and I. But alas, I caught some bug and now am holed up at home between naps needing something to do. Ohhhh yeah… I’m … Continue reading

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