My Unqualified Opinion on the Penn State Scandal

Alright. After engaging in Facebook battles on this issue over the past days, I suppose it’s time for me to comment on the whole Penn State mess.  I’m angry enough.  I have read the indictment, and it is sickening. (I’m not going to repost or link to it. If you feel like vomiting, you can find the document online.)

So here’s what we know:

1.)  Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky stands accused of molesting and/or raping eight preteen boys over more than a decade.  (Since the indictment, at least ten more victims have come forward.)  Through the foundation that he founded (that helps disadvantaged children), Sandusky met his alleged victims.  He was so brazen that Sandusky often abused the boys on campus.  Yesterday, he denied the charges in the worst way possible.  He has been indicted and will face trial.

2.)  In 2002, former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary witnessed Sandusky raping a young boy in the Penn State locker room.  After calling his daddy, McQueary reported it to football coach Joe Paterno the next day.  Paterno (JoePa), in turn,  passed the report on to his superior, athletic director Tim Curley, who met with McQueary and the head of the campus police, university vice president Gary Schultz a week later to discuss McQueary’s report.  After that… nothing happened until 2011, when a Grand Jury convened to assess if Sandusky should be charged with a crime.   Nine freakin years later!

As a result of the grand jury’s indictment, Curley and Schultz are charged with perjury, lying to the grand jury; and failure to report abuse.  As of today, Paterno nor McQueary are charged with a crime; although both have been removed from their respective posts at Penn State as a result of this scandal.

What should have happened:

In 2002, when McQueary witnessed this horrible act, he should have:

  • Stopped Sandusky from harming the child further (if he were to beat him unconscious, I wouldn’t have held it against him.)
  • Taken the child away from this monster, and to a hospital
  • Reported the crime first to 911… then TO THE CHILD’S MOM…  (JoePa, not to mention McQueary’s dad, need not have been involved at all…)
  • Described what he say to the police, then to the grand jury; then at trial.  IN 2002!!!!

With McQueary’s testimony alone, if it was reported properly and pursued then, Sandusky could have been thrown in the slammer a long, long time ago. No amount of levelheadedness will dismiss that fact.

(For the record, I was around McQueary’s age, 28,  when these events happened.  If I witnessed this horrific scene, I would have thought about the child before I called my daddy.  If I froze and did nothing, I would not be able to live with myself.  No Disrespect would have committed suicide a long time ago…)

It almost seems that everybody at Penn State treated this whole mess as an act of insubordination, and NOT AS A CRIME!  Because of everybody’s lack of mobilization and concern, countless other kids were abused after this event.  Okay, so JoePa apparently banned Sandusky from the Penn State Football locker room afterwards, but Sandusky had access to other locker rooms as well as an office on campus.  He continued to (allegedly) molest children until he was caught this year.  Whoopie freakin’ do…

My questions are: why did it take nine freaking years to indite Sandusky? Why was he allowed to roam the locker rooms, allegedly abusing more victims under JoePa’s watch? Why in the hell was he a free man for all of these years? Something just doesn’t add up here. (Oh, and if the campus rent-a-cops were notified, every last one should be fired for doing nothing as well.)

The public outrage comes from not who did or did not do the “right thing.”  (Apparently Paterno and McQueary  did follow the letter of the law…)  It’s why nobody, from JoePa on down, knowing what they knew, did apparently nothing (or were ineffective, at best) in stopping that animal from abusing another boy.  It shocks me that none of these people were “thinking of the children.”   Instead, all parties seemed to have kept this horrible information safely within the company, and did not involve outside authorities until after the secret got out.

Did JoePa and McQueary deserve to be fired?  Absolutely.  Should they be charged with a crime as well?? Now that remains to be seen. The investigation is ongoing.


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One Response to My Unqualified Opinion on the Penn State Scandal

  1. Update: Mike McQueary is stating now that he DID stop the rape and call the police. But why did he not say that to the Grand Jury? Why did the police not investigate? There are still too many questions…

    Additionally, Sandusky’s ratbag lawyer “may have” found the boy in question, now in his 20s. The boy is stating that the act never took place. (If it is the same person.)

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