“Live Blogging” the State of the Union Address (Sort of…)

Excuse my nasty feet...

Well, now that it’s one day later and pretty much the entire country has moved on… yeah, let’s hear what I have to say about the State of the Union Address.   Since WordPress does not allow for live blogging (that I know of), I just wrote what I was thinking at the time.

... and what I was thinking wasn't much. Should this even be its own distinct blog post? No.

Abstract:  I watched.  I took notes.  I got bored.

I just couldn’t get into it this year.  On that note, start the show already!!!

Turn TV on, Obama walks into chamber
Man, Obama looks old!
Oh Hai, Hillary. Love the longer hair on you!
Michelle, I WANT THAT DRESS!!!!

Gabrielle Giffords looks amazing! I’m sad to see that she’s leaving Congress, but glad she got a huge cheer from her colleagues.

9:10 Obama’s FINALLY up to the podium. Turn on the mic already, dude!

9:11 Did someone already boo?

9:14 ECONOMY (blah, blah, blah)

9:15 Why are we applauding WWII, the GI Bill?

9:16 Speaker of the House John Boehner is mighty slow getting up. He doesn’t want to be here at all, eh?

9:19 Can you imagine if “President Santorum” won, and Boehner remained as Speaker of the House?!?!???? That would be Absolutely. Positively.  AWESOME!!! (Even if the US would be the butt of every joke, literally…)

Oh, John Kerry… Two black eyes??? Poor guy.

9:20 Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis knows she’s on the TV. She’s nodding too forcefully. Acting, much?

9:21 Detroit’s back on top, according to Obama. Of what, per se?

9:22 Boehner looks constipated. And dark. Been sleeping under the heat lamps lately, huh? He’s rivaling my skin color at the moment…

Boehner couldn’t even clap for more jobs in the US. Okay…

9:23 Obama talks about taxes and how multinational corporations don’t pay any.  None of the Republicans look happy.

9:25 VP Joe Biden has a case of the itchies. Does he suffer from eczema?

…That’s better than Rep. Eric Cantor, who appears to be suffering from hemorrhoids.

Boehner really, REALLY doesn’t want to be there.

Obama talking out of both sides of his mouth...

9:26 Did Boehner just lick his lips? Damn. Sexy.  Beast.

9:27 In a nod to SOPA/PIPA, Obama will create a task force to look into online piracy. Yay!!!  Just what this country needs… Another committee!

9:28 America will always win. F**k, yeah!

9:30 Let’s talk about unemployment. And retraining. And then re-employment. Time to drag out the “special guests!”

And while we’re at it, let’s make the Republicans even MORE uncomfortable by talking about schools and teachers.

Obama would just love it if all states required that all students stay in their respective high schools until they turn 18 and/or graduate. Good luck with that!

9:34 All this talk about Higher Education is apparently boring Biden. Wake up, dude! Your president is speaking!

9:35  Immigration reform. The Republicans squirm in their seats…

9:36 Talking about Naps, it looks like Sen. John McCain just woke up from his… Did you dream that YOU were giving this speech?

9:37 Alright, back to Employment talk.

Who’s the cute blonde that the cameras just cut to?

Oh.  It’s Steve Jobs’ widow… What is she doing there? Even she doesn’t look too sure…

9:38 Energy… blah, blah blah.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu doesn’t look too pleased at Obama’s idea of opening up more offshore gas/oil resources…

9:40 Checking email. I’m bored of all of this energy talk

9:43 The cameras just panned to an Asian person while Obama was talking about China. Klassy.

9:49 Oh, Sen Joe Lieberman… you are unfortunate looking…

9:50 Milk was apparently classified as oil by the US Government. Which gave us the most unfortunate joke of the night. “With a rule like that, I guess it was worth crying over spilled milk…” Oy. Someone should fire the speechwriter. Stat!

9:51 Sen John Cornyn can’t stand Obama. Look at those daggers coming out of his eyes!!!

9:52 Is this speech still going on???? (I’m on Facebook now.)

9:53 Why is Attorney General Eric Holder blinking so damn much? Is his contacts bothering him?

9:55 Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. Whoa.

9:56 “We need to change our tax code. We should stop subsidizing millionaires. Congress should pay their fair share of taxes…”

… only about 1/4 of the chamber stood for that one. Lol. (Kind of.)

9:59 “Nothing will get done in Congress this year…”  Most honest statement of the night.

Politics and money too tied up to each other…

Stop Congressional inside trading. Ban Congress from owning stock in causes they impact.

10:02 Obama pleads for Congress to lower the temperature in this town. (As I roll over, laughing…) “Perpetual campaign of mutual destruction…”

10:03 Some guy only stood up when the camera panned to him. Whoopsy!!!

10:04 Sen Mitch McConnell won’t even clap to Congress working together. Well, then…

10:05 Hillary Clinton looks really tired. She’s echoing all of our sentiments. End the speech already!!!

Talks about Bin Laden, Afghanistan, Ghadafi (really?), Syria… Iran

10:08 I’m just about done. My eyes are closing. Let’s check email again.

10:13 Rah, Rah Troops!!!

They look out for each other, or the mission fails. Doesn’t matter if their comrades are black/white/Republican/Democrat.  This nation is great because we work as a team; got each others’ backs.

“The State of the Union will always be good”

10:16 The words I’ve been waiting to hear all night(!): “God Bless You and God Bless America!!” Amen and goodbye.

10:20 As Obama exits the chamber, I realize he’s a lefty.  Literally.

Alright now… Republican response: Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels

10:28 He’s kinda short and boyish-looking, eh?

I do like how he started by praising Obama. A nice change from the Republican rhetoric recently.

I honestly do have notes for his segment, but they are just bullet points from his talk. You can YouTube it and see what he had to say for yourself. For me, I found myself nodding at everything he had to say. (And I consider myself a Democrat…) The speech was so innocuous! He is definitely a mainstream conservative. Now why isn’t Daniels running for President again?


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