Workout DVD Rotations with Some Junk (in the trunk)…

[Ed Note: This post is one that I wish I read six months ago, when I started to exercise regularly… Maybe I’ll help a few people who are in the same boat… or maybe I am full of myself.  Take your pick.]

I started a home exercise regimen earlier this year. And had no idea where to begin. All I knew I did not want to join a gym. If I was going to exercise at all, it would be at home. But workout DVDs are a dime a dozen these days. Each year, hundreds of titles are released. The plethora of choices is overwhelming.  Which one should I choose?  A popular series (Biggest Loser, The Firm, P90X, etc.)???   Personalities (Jeri Love, Billy Blanks, Cathe Freidrich)?!?!???  Or with the type of exercise (Interval, Sumba/Latin Dance, Kickboxing, etc.)Interrobang.svgInterrobang.svgInterrobang.svg  (See end of post.  Trust me.)  When you are a beginning exerciser, it’s a big step to commit. And I almost didn’t…

My initial plan was easy… I already had a copy of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I started with her 20 minute workout… which kicked my butt. (I realized how completely out of shape I was…) As I became stronger, I added her longer workouts to my routine while increasing my weights.

Why did I stick with her? I dunno. I have never watched The Biggest Loser.  (Actually, I don’t watch TV at all.)  I suppose after observing how highly ranked she is on, I continued to buy her DVDs. And well, she works for me. (But, really, I am willing to switch instructors at any time.)

So many choices... Oy!

But how do you combine DVDs to receive the best workout? With some series like P90X or Insanity… you buy the set and work out to a predefined DVD each day. When you go piecemeal, like me, rotating the DVDs each day becomes quite confusing. Another blog posted a Jillian Michael’s workout schedule called the 30 Day Slimdown… but at this point, it just looks to easy for me.  I like to exercise 45-60 minutes per day now; any less doesn’t do anything for me. I’m not tired at all.

So without further ado, here’s my Jillian Michaels workout rotation.  I decided that I would do one day of pure cardio, one day of strength training, two days combination of cardio/strength, and one day of yoga.  (I exercise five days a week)

Day 1:  (Strength/Cardio):
30 Day Shred (Level 3 followed by Level 2) – approx 45 mins.


  • 5 lb weights (I’m still a weakling; I’ll be happy when I’m lifting tens);
  • Two knee braces and one ankle brace (don’t ask… I’m still quite banged up from a car accident that occurred a few years ago);
  • A glass of water to recoup with between intervals;
  • A headband to block the pouring of sweat into my eyes.

Day 2: Bikram Yoga – 90 minutes at a yoga studio


  • Yoga Mat (natch);
  • large towel to cover said yoga mat;
  • Large bottle of water, frozen prior to arrival to drink throughout session;
  • My headband (in a 105 degree heated room, you’re going to sweat and sweat some more…);
  • A pair of flippy floppies (because I don’t walk to walk through anyone else’s sweat);
  • An extra towel to mop up some more of my sweat;
  • Toiletries to shower with afterwards.  Nobody in the public sphere should see me straight after a Bikram Yoga session.

Yeah, I look nothing like this!

Day 3: Strength Training
No More Trouble Zones -55 mins.

Jillian Michaels incorporates compound moves with weight training, so you’re still doing some cardio… and yes, pouring down sweat.  The lunges are no joke.  And the abs training is pure kick ass.

Equipment:  See Day 1

Day 4:  Pure Cardio

Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism – 55 mins.

Man, oh man.  After 3 months of this video, it still shocks my system.  Oddly, as I’ve been doing this DVD more, I become even MORE tired.  This  probably happens because now I can focus on form rather than getting through the workout.

Equipment: Everything above from Day 1 except weights

Day 5:   This is where I need your help.  Right now, I’m repeating Day 1’s workout, but I want to move on from it.  I’m not getting the same type of results from this routine anymore, so I’m going to buy another DVD… suggestions?  (I would prefer that it combine cardio and strength, and last about an hour.)

Day 6:  If I’m truly motivated, or ate too much junk the previous week, I’ll do Jillian Michael’s Six Day Six Pack, which is an all-ab workout.   And boy, do I feel it afterwards.  It’s only 35 minutes though, so I haven’t incorporated it into my workout above.


** While we’re tangentially on the subject of food, I should tell you that I don’t really watch my diet.  I eat like a gerbil to begin with; Since I’m exercising, I do not feel that I really need to deny myself the foods I crave.  (And sadly, as I get older, I really don’t want the sinful stuff…  Give me bok choy or chicken noodle soup any day over mac and cheese and fries…)  Lately, I’ve been on a green bean extravaganza.  Honestly, I really need whatever calories I consume.

So now that I’ve spilled my exercise secrets, I’d love to hear yours.  (Even if it does involve expensive gym equipment.)  What works for you?  Any recommendations for me?  Help an (Indian) sister out!  (And I can say that, not because I’m cool (which I’m so not…), but because I have a sister…)

***  Interrobang.svg – Interrobang.  My favorite punctuation, period.  Because it just sounds naughty…


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4 Responses to Workout DVD Rotations with Some Junk (in the trunk)…

  1. My workouts are boring. I either run on the treadmill with really loud music in my ears or when I do belong to a gym, I love a good, hard spin class, which is the best workout I’ve ever had and for warm summer days I like taking my bike out to Terry Hershey park here in Houston, which is about the only park in H-town I’ve found with massive hills that have in earlier days forced me to get off the bike and walk the last few feet up in shame.

    • I have really, really bad knees and hips, so running and biking don’t work for me. I’m surprised that I can do some heavy impact exercises at home now (on carpet, of course), so maybe in time, I’ll be able to be just as “boring” as you 🙂

      I’m surprised that there is a “hill” in Houston.

  2. PS….I tried Insanity and found that it was hard on my joints and I got bored with it. I think it’s the kind of thing I’d enjoy if I were working out with a partner and could be competitive about, but I got bored and went back to running, which at least clears my head.

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