“Live Blogging” the State of the Union Address (Sort of…)

Excuse my nasty feet...

Well, now that it’s one day later and pretty much the entire country has moved on… yeah, let’s hear what I have to say about the State of the Union Address.   Since WordPress does not allow for live blogging (that I know of), I just wrote what I was thinking at the time.

... and what I was thinking wasn't much. Should this even be its own distinct blog post? No.

Abstract:  I watched.  I took notes.  I got bored.

I just couldn’t get into it this year.  On that note, start the show already!!!

Turn TV on, Obama walks into chamber
Man, Obama looks old!
Oh Hai, Hillary. Love the longer hair on you!
Michelle, I WANT THAT DRESS!!!!

Gabrielle Giffords looks amazing! I’m sad to see that she’s leaving Congress, but glad she got a huge cheer from her colleagues.

9:10 Obama’s FINALLY up to the podium. Turn on the mic already, dude!

9:11 Did someone already boo?

9:14 ECONOMY (blah, blah, blah)

9:15 Why are we applauding WWII, the GI Bill?

9:16 Speaker of the House John Boehner is mighty slow getting up. He doesn’t want to be here at all, eh?

9:19 Can you imagine if “President Santorum” won, and Boehner remained as Speaker of the House?!?!???? That would be Absolutely. Positively.  AWESOME!!! (Even if the US would be the butt of every joke, literally…)

Oh, John Kerry… Two black eyes??? Poor guy.

9:20 Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis knows she’s on the TV. She’s nodding too forcefully. Acting, much?

9:21 Detroit’s back on top, according to Obama. Of what, per se?

9:22 Boehner looks constipated. And dark. Been sleeping under the heat lamps lately, huh? He’s rivaling my skin color at the moment…

Boehner couldn’t even clap for more jobs in the US. Okay…

9:23 Obama talks about taxes and how multinational corporations don’t pay any.  None of the Republicans look happy.

9:25 VP Joe Biden has a case of the itchies. Does he suffer from eczema?

…That’s better than Rep. Eric Cantor, who appears to be suffering from hemorrhoids.

Boehner really, REALLY doesn’t want to be there.

Obama talking out of both sides of his mouth...

9:26 Did Boehner just lick his lips? Damn. Sexy.  Beast.

9:27 In a nod to SOPA/PIPA, Obama will create a task force to look into online piracy. Yay!!!  Just what this country needs… Another committee!

9:28 America will always win. F**k, yeah!

9:30 Let’s talk about unemployment. And retraining. And then re-employment. Time to drag out the “special guests!”

And while we’re at it, let’s make the Republicans even MORE uncomfortable by talking about schools and teachers.

Obama would just love it if all states required that all students stay in their respective high schools until they turn 18 and/or graduate. Good luck with that!

9:34 All this talk about Higher Education is apparently boring Biden. Wake up, dude! Your president is speaking!

9:35  Immigration reform. The Republicans squirm in their seats…

9:36 Talking about Naps, it looks like Sen. John McCain just woke up from his… Did you dream that YOU were giving this speech?

9:37 Alright, back to Employment talk.

Who’s the cute blonde that the cameras just cut to?

Oh.  It’s Steve Jobs’ widow… What is she doing there? Even she doesn’t look too sure…

9:38 Energy… blah, blah blah.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu doesn’t look too pleased at Obama’s idea of opening up more offshore gas/oil resources…

9:40 Checking email. I’m bored of all of this energy talk

9:43 The cameras just panned to an Asian person while Obama was talking about China. Klassy.

9:49 Oh, Sen Joe Lieberman… you are unfortunate looking…

9:50 Milk was apparently classified as oil by the US Government. Which gave us the most unfortunate joke of the night. “With a rule like that, I guess it was worth crying over spilled milk…” Oy. Someone should fire the speechwriter. Stat!

9:51 Sen John Cornyn can’t stand Obama. Look at those daggers coming out of his eyes!!!

9:52 Is this speech still going on???? (I’m on Facebook now.)

9:53 Why is Attorney General Eric Holder blinking so damn much? Is his contacts bothering him?

9:55 Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. Whoa.

9:56 “We need to change our tax code. We should stop subsidizing millionaires. Congress should pay their fair share of taxes…”

… only about 1/4 of the chamber stood for that one. Lol. (Kind of.)

9:59 “Nothing will get done in Congress this year…”  Most honest statement of the night.

Politics and money too tied up to each other…

Stop Congressional inside trading. Ban Congress from owning stock in causes they impact.

10:02 Obama pleads for Congress to lower the temperature in this town. (As I roll over, laughing…) “Perpetual campaign of mutual destruction…”

10:03 Some guy only stood up when the camera panned to him. Whoopsy!!!

10:04 Sen Mitch McConnell won’t even clap to Congress working together. Well, then…

10:05 Hillary Clinton looks really tired. She’s echoing all of our sentiments. End the speech already!!!

Talks about Bin Laden, Afghanistan, Ghadafi (really?), Syria… Iran

10:08 I’m just about done. My eyes are closing. Let’s check email again.

10:13 Rah, Rah Troops!!!

They look out for each other, or the mission fails. Doesn’t matter if their comrades are black/white/Republican/Democrat.  This nation is great because we work as a team; got each others’ backs.

“The State of the Union will always be good”

10:16 The words I’ve been waiting to hear all night(!): “God Bless You and God Bless America!!” Amen and goodbye.

10:20 As Obama exits the chamber, I realize he’s a lefty.  Literally.

Alright now… Republican response: Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels

10:28 He’s kinda short and boyish-looking, eh?

I do like how he started by praising Obama. A nice change from the Republican rhetoric recently.

I honestly do have notes for his segment, but they are just bullet points from his talk. You can YouTube it and see what he had to say for yourself. For me, I found myself nodding at everything he had to say. (And I consider myself a Democrat…) The speech was so innocuous! He is definitely a mainstream conservative. Now why isn’t Daniels running for President again?

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Protected: Why it sucks to be a girl (sometimes…)

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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No No Disrespect… Literally

In solidarity with Wikipedia, Reddit… and WordPress (my home), No Disrespect will be boycotting the internet tomorrow to protest the anti-piracy bill, The “Stop Online Piracy Act,” commonly referred to as SOPA.  Yukky, yukky stuff.

This is NOT a test!

In theory, this bill aims to protect copyrighted material.  Good stuff.  Nobody should steal other peoples ideas, whether they be words, pictures and/or film.  I agree wholeheartedly.

However, in implementation, this proposed law is asinine.  It goes about guarding the internet in the absolute worst way possible.  SOPA would require  search engines and payment sites like Google, Paypal and the like, to shut down *flagged* sites immediately so that users cannot find them.  And pray tell, how would one determine what websites to “flag?”  Oh, anybody can send an email or a complaint… that’s all.  In its most extreme iteration, ONE loser can shut down an entire internet.

So you hate Planned Parenthood or the NRA?  Someone pissed your off?  You can 404 their internet space almost instantaneuously… BY YOURSELF!!!  All you have to do is send an email to Google saying that they stole copyrighted material.  No trial, no innocent until proven guilty crap to contend with… the sites go *poof.*  That’s all folks.

I’m not even sure I would be able to use my blog anymore to express myself  if this stupid law passes.  Although I try not to use copyrighted material on my blog, it has slipped through in the past.  Anyone can report me.  And I’m gone.  Nice to know you.

And that is why this proposed law HAS to fall by the wayside: it is is a FLAGRANT violation of free speech.  This is not the internet that we know and love.  In short, electronic communication won’t be fun anymore.  And we can’t have that…

So gentle readers: what can we do?  The same thing that we did with the Bank of America and Verizon fiascos… express our outrage loud and often until the powers that be relent!!!  Boycott the internet along with me tomorrow and take a stoll around the block (why not get in some exercise too?)  Oh, and call, write… and badger your House member to vote NO on this idiotic piece of legislation.

More information on SOPA and it’s implications can be found here.  It’s a brilliant article.  You should read it.  Of course, after you’ve read mine… I’m selfish like that.

(And if you can’t read it, sorry.  A lot of websites are going black at midnight just like mine.)
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Woooooo… It’s Friday the 13th

I thought my week was getting better, but just when the ball started to rise… it came back down again.  Hard.  *Sigh*  Well, it’s a fitting day to be so bleak.  For it is Friday the 13th.   (Did that rhyme?  Hee… things are looking up again!)

I started to wonder why the 13th Day of Friday is so auspicious.  Why do Americans hate the number 13 so much… that we avoid sitting in row 13.  Staying on Floor #13.  Even going as far as not to travel at all on Friday, the 13th.  (I shoulda called in sick… damn.)

Uh oh.

Dear readers, here’s what I found…

1.)  Twelve, apparently, is the perfect number.  There’s twelve months in a year; twelve numbers on your clock.  Religiously, Jesus had twelve apostles, Israel separated into twelve tribes; and twelve Imams succeeded Mohammed in the Islamic faith.   In this context, the number thirteen is just unsettling and incomplete.

2.)  13 turns make a traditional hangman’s noose. Anything less will not snap a neck.  The reason the end of the world is near (according to the Mayan calendar) is that the 13th Baktun is upon us.  This phase will end (and so will we) on December 21, 2012.

(Oh, and thirteen people were seated at Jesus’ table, enjoying the last supper.  Everyone knows how that turned out…)

3.)  And Fridays (despite the excitement that one gets when contemplating the weekend) are pretty unlucky as well.  For some reason, stock markets crash and crash some more today.  I avoid every single shopping establishment the day after Thanksgiving.  And according to Christian Faith,  Eve may have tempted Adam with an apple on a Friday; and the Romans crucified Jesus on Friday too.

4.)  And some 1996 years later, rapper Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead on Friday, October 13.  The death of true musical legend.  Tragic.

5.)  Okay.  Enough with the sappy, sad stuff.  So what is the official terminology for this Friday, 13th fear?   Of course, it’s a word so long even I’m scared of it.  Friggatriskaidekaphobia.  Yup.  Friggin’ friggatriskaidekaphobia.

(Frigga is the name of the Norse goddess for whom “Friday” is named; and triskaidekaphobia, well, is the fear of the number 13.)

If you like some more long words, paraskevidekatriaphobia is interchangeable as well.

(This word is derived from a Greek term for the fear of Fridays and the number thirteen.)

6.)  And GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY!!!  In a calendar-ial twist of fate, we will have two more Friday the 13th’s this year!  (in April and July)

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One of those Weeks…

It’s only Wednesday, and already, I’m thinking I should find a way to  “press restart”  on this week.  Nothing is going right AT ALL!!!  Let’s start from the present and move back, shall we?

Yo.  Check it out.  Yesterday evening, I showed up at a bar to hang out with some friends, and upon arriving, realized that they weren’t there yet.  Okay, we’re all late at some point or another, so I ordered a drink and waited… and waited some more.  Finally I got the brilliant idea to text them…. and they proceeded to tell me that I was in the wrong establishment.  They were partying several blocks up the street.  Luckily I was with someone… otherwise I would have been that loser at the bar, drinking by herself.  I’m failing at life at the moment.

You're supposed to be MY b***h!!!

But my Tuesday started pretty craptacular as well.  It’s a bad sign when is not even noon yet, and already I have had an unproductive day.  Usually, for me, laziness is inert, not caused by my environs.  Not yesterday.  I spent 4 (FOUR) hours… trying to send a fax(!)  Yeah.  And I couldn’t proceed with my work until I received confirmation that the aforementioned document has been sent… so I passed my time surfing celebrity gossip sites all morning (and writing this blog post) while fighting with the machine Office Space style.   Someone should promote me to superstar employee.  I’m so proud of myself.  (Oh, and I managed to step on the cat too.  Somebody’s still limping… and (for once) it is not me.  Walk it OFF, kitty!)

My thoughts exactly

AND THERE’S MORE!!!!   On Monday, I managed to board the wrong bus going home.  The worst part was that I didn’t even realize I was going the wrong way… until about ten stops into the journey.  So I got off the bus, and hiked the twenty or so blocks back… in snow and ice.  So okay, I got back to the bus bay and made damn sure I was on the right bus.  Then I lamented my bad karma to the gentleman next to me.  Bad move.  He took it as a sign to hit on me relentlessly (he’s 55, by the way… and well, I’m not…) while trying to sell me used furniture.  FML.

Good kitty!

Good kitty?

Alas, this mess of a week is not complete!  Talking about my cat, she recently, to my astonishment and amusement started to ride the Roomba around the house.  You can’t believe how happy I am at this turn of events, and you better believe that I’ve been bragging about it to everybody I know (and don’t.)   But now that she’s not scared of the vacuum anymore, she pounces on it any chance she gets.  Her new game is to turn it on.   Over and over again.  Ad nauseam.

Thanks to the cat, my condo was cleaned no less than five times last night.   After the umpteenth cleaning, I stopped bothering to try to turn it off.  I apparently don’t sleep well when the floor is being vacuumed all night… so I got maybe two hours of sleep.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I wasn’t going to get any work done today (again) anyway.  Let’s let the week end as crappily as it began…

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The BEST Chicken Noodle Soup

Yes, folks.  I’ve been slacking on my blogging “duties” lately.  I’m just not inspired at all at the moment.  That, or I’m just lazy.  If I want to be honest with myself, it is definitely number 2. (Insert your own scat joke here.)

So to make things easy, I’m going to give you a recipe today.  Last week, I made the most AMAZING chicken noodle soup… quite by accident.  I didn’t know what I was doing.  I had never made chicken noodle soup before until then.

Now, I don’t eat meat at home, unless I’m sick.  I’ve been nursing a cold for about a week now, and didn’t want to eat canned soup swimming in additives and flavorings, so I decided to improvise.  Here’s what I did.

You’ll need:

1 rotisserie chicken (organic)
2 boxes low sodium organic chicken stock
1 package fresh egg noodles
3-4 stalks celery
1/2 package baby carrots
2 onions
2 healthy tablespoons herbs de provence
salt and pepper to taste

[Note: Ingredients are so important to a dish’s success. If you can afford it, buy the best quality foods for your recipes.]

Since I was sick, I didn’t want to make chicken at home. (Too labor intensive.) So I just bought a rotisserie chicken from Dean and DeLuca. (Which turned out to be a major investment… I thought I was getting a deal on it, but let’s just say that I missed a “1” in the price. Oh well, it was a good tasting chicken.)

Ditto for chicken stock. Listen, making stock is the easiest thing to do ever. (Put meat, veggies and herbs into a pot and boil.) But again, I was looking for the easy way out. So I bought boxed low-sodium chicken stock, making sure that it had no additional ingredients outside of organic chicken, water and salt.

So I put out a stock pot, turned up the heat (so sexxxy…) and poured the chicken stock into the sucker. I looked at the rotisserie chicken, shrugged my shoulders, and put the whole thing in the pot. (Making chicken stock in chicken stock sounded good at the time.)  All the vegetables were chopped, sautéed with some butter in a skillet ’til soft, and then added to the pool. I then heaped a few scoops of Herbs de Provence and salt and pepper to the mix. (Be careful on the salt… between the pre-cooked chicken and the stock, there is already enough salt to go around generally. Salt to taste.)

I let the soup-ette cook down for about 30 minutes on low/medium heat. Then I took the whole chicken out, took off the skin, chopped up the meat, and added it back to the mix. On second thought, I decided to put the bones back in too. Chicken soup that actually tastes like chicken??? For shame… I know. It brewed for another 20-30 mins or so.

For the pasta, I bought some cage-free egg noodles from a local farmers market. I boiled it separately until half way done, and in order not to make it soggy and overcooked, I added it to the broth during the last 10 minutes of cooking. These egg noodles were the “eggiest” egg noodles I’ve ever tasted. But I suppose when you make chicken soup… it’s best to add (even) more chicken.  So I brought it on. Again.

So it was done. I removed the bones from the stew and ladled a serving into a large bowl.

Time to eat!!!  Because I’m Indian, I added a healthy squeeze of sriancha for spice. I sat down, and had the most amazing chicken (add more chicken, please) noodle soup I’ve ever eaten.

Chicken Noodle Soup

The most "Chicken-y" Chicken Noodle Soup Ever. Yum!


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It’s been a long time…

Whoa. I’m out of practice. I haven’t done this blogging thing for over two weeks now… It’s taking a lot of motivation to start typing now.

Well, for starters, Happy New Year. May this year suck less than the last… Don’t come around here no mo, 2011.

There’s a lot to catch up on.  I am sad to report that, yet again, I did not receive any of the gifts that I requested for Christmas.   I did, however, return from my vacation with a very nasty cold and a sprained wrist!  Yay!  Happy Holidays to me!!!!

However, I did get a new pair scissors and a knife!  Score!!!   When I was a kid, my Mom gave me bedsheets one year for Christmas.  For years, she never heard the end of it.  I’d be SO HAPPY now if someone gave me some very nice 500+ count bedsheets for ANY occasion now.   Along with scissors, knives and other housewares.  Man, I’m old.

Mystery of the moment... WHY do I need a old pair of scissors to use my new pair of scissors?

I acquired some excellent reading material as well.  More than one person has told me that my writing style is similar to David Foster Wallace.  (A compliment, I’m sure.)  I made the mistake of saying that I’ve never actually read one of his books over Thanksgiving.  My sister, in her infinite wisdom, gave me not one, but TWO of his books to take back home to DC.  Forty more pounds of luggage to tote around the airport…  Thanks, Miss Disrespect!

Like me, apparently Mr. Foster Wallace is long-winded too...

Okay.  Enough of Christmas.  We celebrated that holiday over two weeks ago.  (Whoa. Time travels fast.)  Lets talk about New Years.   I heralded in 2012 with (unintended) fireworks.  One of my friends ended up setting herself on fire by dipping her long hair into a votive candle.   I was more traumatized than she was.   I had absolutely no idea that hair could light up so quickly and spectacularly… she was sporting a six inch flame around her head!  Luckily, she had the presence of mind to slap that fire out silly within seconds.   There was minimal damage (whew!)… She now sports a small “tattoo” on her shoulder shaped like a heart.   Even her hair looked fine afterwards.  No singeing whatsoever.  Yeah, 2012 is turning out to be a stellar year!

As far as New Years Resolutions… I really don’t have any at the moment.  Sure, I accomplished everything that I set for myself last year… and yes, there are things I can improve in my life… I just don’t need an occasion or a day to do so.  In the end, I hardly care.   I’m ready to dick around for another year.

Let me take that back.  I resolve to commit all seven deadly sins this year!!!  Finally.  Something to look forward to.  This will be a good 2012, indeed!

Gluttony and Opulence... here I come!!!

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