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The Worst Gifts You Could POSSIBLY Receive for Valentine’s Day

I love when the “holidays” come around, because it make the blog super-easy to write.  Gift ideas!  Ooh, la la!  (Well, that is unless I decide to put tables into the post. Then this whole experience becomes an absolute nightmare… … Continue reading

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It’s been a long time…

Whoa. I’m out of practice. I haven’t done this blogging thing for over two weeks now… It’s taking a lot of motivation to start typing now. Well, for starters, Happy New Year. May this year suck less than the last… … Continue reading

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Six… er… SEVEN Things I Want for Christmas

In my last blog, I covered gifts ideas for the rest of you. What about me?  *Pout*  I ask for the same seven gifts each year, but I must be a naughty girl, because Santa (or his surrogates… um, Mom … Continue reading

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Six Unbelievably Useless, Tacky Holiday Gifts

I have not done one of these gift idea lists for a long time. I’ve missed you, random blog post! I know other websites (read: et. al.) are coming out with their own Year End Lists.  Here’s mine.  For … Continue reading

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Welcome to my (Cat’s) Nightmare… the Roomba

In my never ending quest to rid myself of beaucoup de flying cat hair in my condo, I broke down last month and bought a Roomba.  Quizzing my friends and family who own one, they raved up and down about how … Continue reading

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Labor Day Gifts (Yee Haw!)

Because we live in a consumerist society, American etiquette dictates that we give gifts for the most superfluous of occasions. Well, we have another day off next week (thank God)… Good ol’ Labor Day: The holiday to celebrate your work-a-day … Continue reading

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Seven Fourth of July Gift Ideas

Because our Capitalist society won’t quit, here’s some gift ideas for your loved ones.  Viva Fourth of July!!!! 1.) DIY Fireworks!!!! (Ed note: I disavow myself of any responsibility if you try this at home…) 2.)  Let’s desecrate the American … Continue reading

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