To the people responding to a previous post…

I wrote a blog post recently… the post itself or its contents are not important.  I apparently hit a nerve with one reader.  This person decided to write about it… and based on three whole (short) paragraphs, wrote a PhD-level dissertation about it, repudiating me… and eventually a group of people in general.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I keep my writing light.  Everything that I say must be taken with a pound of salt.  That whole article, while “truthy,” was written with (bad) humor in mind, and not as thesis on the state of the world.  I’m just not that deep… at least not in a public blog.

I’m overwhelmingly flattered that my writing had so much power that someone actually took the time to refute me… in a 1,500+ word essay.   But the section that the blogger took so much time to comment on was really, only a few sentences long.  (And he only focused on only 2-3 of them.)  The thought is incomplete at best and not worthy of their scorn.

Fortunately, there are better articles on the topic that are suited to his critique.   I linked to one of them in my original post.  I do hope that the blogger takes the time to read and evaluate that essay.  I would definitely be interested in reading it!

I thought about ‘replying to the reply’ point by point, but meh.  I’ve already moved on, and don’t feel like continuing the conversation…

But before I leave this topic behind forever, I do have some advice for the blogger (since he were so generous in giving some to me):   In the future, when you and your readers decide to descend on some unsuspecting punter’s blog, please refrain from giving stern lectures on how people should act and feel.  For me, I already have a mom, thanks; and in the end, you don’t know me at all.  And while I have no problems with you taking potshots at my posts per se, beg off my readers and audience, okay?  I’m quite protective of them.

Generally, I  love dissenting opinions on my blog posts.   It means that I am doing my job being a provocateur on the ‘nets.  But alas, this time, this “chick/bitch” is invoking the “my blog, my rules” theorem.   I intend to keep my blog low on the controversy and, yes disrespect (ironically)… and keep to the rhythm of my drum.   My space on the internet is light and casual, and I fully intend to keep it that way.  So I’m not going to link to the article or approve any comments (positive or negative) to the post in question.  (1/29 edit: I took down the offending post to hopefully quell some of the simmer…)  But no harm, no foul.  I wish you all the best.  And thanks for reading my blog, boys, and bringing in traffic to my website.

And that’s all I have to say on the subject.


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3 Responses to To the people responding to a previous post…

  1. Wazeau says:

    Always gotta be someone trying to ruin things for others. Keep on bloggin 🙂

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