One of those Weeks…

It’s only Wednesday, and already, I’m thinking I should find a way to  “press restart”  on this week.  Nothing is going right AT ALL!!!  Let’s start from the present and move back, shall we?

Yo.  Check it out.  Yesterday evening, I showed up at a bar to hang out with some friends, and upon arriving, realized that they weren’t there yet.  Okay, we’re all late at some point or another, so I ordered a drink and waited… and waited some more.  Finally I got the brilliant idea to text them…. and they proceeded to tell me that I was in the wrong establishment.  They were partying several blocks up the street.  Luckily I was with someone… otherwise I would have been that loser at the bar, drinking by herself.  I’m failing at life at the moment.

You're supposed to be MY b***h!!!

But my Tuesday started pretty craptacular as well.  It’s a bad sign when is not even noon yet, and already I have had an unproductive day.  Usually, for me, laziness is inert, not caused by my environs.  Not yesterday.  I spent 4 (FOUR) hours… trying to send a fax(!)  Yeah.  And I couldn’t proceed with my work until I received confirmation that the aforementioned document has been sent… so I passed my time surfing celebrity gossip sites all morning (and writing this blog post) while fighting with the machine Office Space style.   Someone should promote me to superstar employee.  I’m so proud of myself.  (Oh, and I managed to step on the cat too.  Somebody’s still limping… and (for once) it is not me.  Walk it OFF, kitty!)

My thoughts exactly

AND THERE’S MORE!!!!   On Monday, I managed to board the wrong bus going home.  The worst part was that I didn’t even realize I was going the wrong way… until about ten stops into the journey.  So I got off the bus, and hiked the twenty or so blocks back… in snow and ice.  So okay, I got back to the bus bay and made damn sure I was on the right bus.  Then I lamented my bad karma to the gentleman next to me.  Bad move.  He took it as a sign to hit on me relentlessly (he’s 55, by the way… and well, I’m not…) while trying to sell me used furniture.  FML.

Good kitty!

Good kitty?

Alas, this mess of a week is not complete!  Talking about my cat, she recently, to my astonishment and amusement started to ride the Roomba around the house.  You can’t believe how happy I am at this turn of events, and you better believe that I’ve been bragging about it to everybody I know (and don’t.)   But now that she’s not scared of the vacuum anymore, she pounces on it any chance she gets.  Her new game is to turn it on.   Over and over again.  Ad nauseam.

Thanks to the cat, my condo was cleaned no less than five times last night.   After the umpteenth cleaning, I stopped bothering to try to turn it off.  I apparently don’t sleep well when the floor is being vacuumed all night… so I got maybe two hours of sleep.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I wasn’t going to get any work done today (again) anyway.  Let’s let the week end as crappily as it began…


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4 Responses to One of those Weeks…

  1. Roxanne says:

    Is it mean to say I liked this post? I’m sorry for all the frustrating things your going through but I like the way you wrote about it =D Hang in there it will get better.

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