It’s been a long time…

Whoa. I’m out of practice. I haven’t done this blogging thing for over two weeks now… It’s taking a lot of motivation to start typing now.

Well, for starters, Happy New Year. May this year suck less than the last… Don’t come around here no mo, 2011.

There’s a lot to catch up on.  I am sad to report that, yet again, I did not receive any of the gifts that I requested for Christmas.   I did, however, return from my vacation with a very nasty cold and a sprained wrist!  Yay!  Happy Holidays to me!!!!

However, I did get a new pair scissors and a knife!  Score!!!   When I was a kid, my Mom gave me bedsheets one year for Christmas.  For years, she never heard the end of it.  I’d be SO HAPPY now if someone gave me some very nice 500+ count bedsheets for ANY occasion now.   Along with scissors, knives and other housewares.  Man, I’m old.

Mystery of the moment... WHY do I need a old pair of scissors to use my new pair of scissors?

I acquired some excellent reading material as well.  More than one person has told me that my writing style is similar to David Foster Wallace.  (A compliment, I’m sure.)  I made the mistake of saying that I’ve never actually read one of his books over Thanksgiving.  My sister, in her infinite wisdom, gave me not one, but TWO of his books to take back home to DC.  Forty more pounds of luggage to tote around the airport…  Thanks, Miss Disrespect!

Like me, apparently Mr. Foster Wallace is long-winded too...

Okay.  Enough of Christmas.  We celebrated that holiday over two weeks ago.  (Whoa. Time travels fast.)  Lets talk about New Years.   I heralded in 2012 with (unintended) fireworks.  One of my friends ended up setting herself on fire by dipping her long hair into a votive candle.   I was more traumatized than she was.   I had absolutely no idea that hair could light up so quickly and spectacularly… she was sporting a six inch flame around her head!  Luckily, she had the presence of mind to slap that fire out silly within seconds.   There was minimal damage (whew!)… She now sports a small “tattoo” on her shoulder shaped like a heart.   Even her hair looked fine afterwards.  No singeing whatsoever.  Yeah, 2012 is turning out to be a stellar year!

As far as New Years Resolutions… I really don’t have any at the moment.  Sure, I accomplished everything that I set for myself last year… and yes, there are things I can improve in my life… I just don’t need an occasion or a day to do so.  In the end, I hardly care.   I’m ready to dick around for another year.

Let me take that back.  I resolve to commit all seven deadly sins this year!!!  Finally.  Something to look forward to.  This will be a good 2012, indeed!

Gluttony and Opulence... here I come!!!


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