Welcome to my (Cat’s) Nightmare… the Roomba

In my never ending quest to rid myself of beaucoup de flying cat hair in my condo, I broke down last month and bought a Roomba.  Quizzing my friends and family who own one, they raved up and down about how they could never live without the li’l sucker now.  So, okay.  I relented and put up some major fund-age.  I ordered the “Pet Series” from  Amazon.com and it arrived a couple of days later… an early Christmas present to myself.

For my cat though, it is Halloween…EVERY.  SINGLE.  FREAKIN’.  DAY.

For my shiny new toy scares the poor kitty…

Side eye...

Uhhh... Never Mind....

It’s been around for a week now.  (It’s so new, I haven’t even named it yet…)  I was hoping that the cat would be cool with it and actually ride the Roomba, like in the YouTube videos.  I’m afraid I’ll have to put those dreams to sleep.  She spends her free time running away from the li’l evil MONSTER.  As for me, the Roomba chasing the cat provides hours of amusement.  An added bonus to its vacuuming capabilities.

Vacuuming capabilities, you say????   So, No Disrespect, was it worth the $300+?

Short answer:  Yes.  Long answer:  Yes, BUT… it is not the magical machine I had hoped for.  Roomba only appears to pick up surface dirt.  (But it does pick up the cat hair, which was the purpose to expending the cash. And oh boy, I am finding out just how filty my apartment is. There’s gunk in the robot’s tray every single day!)

I was truly disappointed when I pulled out my “real” vacuum last weekend and rolled it across the floor.  Although it wasn’t *as full* as previous cleanings, when I emptied the vacuum’s insides, lots and lots of dirt still was lodged in the filter.  (Yeah, and cat hair…) So, being as anal as I am, the weekly cleanings will have to continue. No time saved at all. But less cat hair on my carpets (and ultimately, clothes) really is a sanity-saver.

It’s also not the smartest machine I have ever run across. It fixates on one spot every day and spends 30 minutes cleaning it. (Today it was the bathmat.) I find that I actually have to “herd” the Roomba to clean areas that I need it to… “Hey Ms. Thang! You missed the kitty litter on the floor. Oh, let me help you find it!”

And for such a little squirt, it requires much more maintenance than expected.  I run it once a day.  And I have to clean the filters and brushes every single time to keep it functioning properly.  But it only takes five-ish minutes, so I should not complain at all.

So here’s to you Roomba. I hope you last a very, very long time. (And if you do decide to break, please do so before the one year warranty ends. Thank you! – No Disrespect)


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