Well, due to the fact that I woke up at 10:30 AM this morning, there will be no new blog post today. Color me puzzled, because my body never lets me sleep past 6:30… even on nights where I stay up super late. Well, I’ll rejoice anyway, because I’m super rested today.

Hey, I work from home, so getting a late start to the day isn’t the worst thing in the world. At least there’s nobody here to yell at me because I’m late to work…

YOU ARE SO FIRED!!! (Oh wait... I can't fire myself. Or can I?!?!???)

I’ll use this opportunity to state that I’m going to cut back blogging to 2-3 times a week. Blogging every day… sometimes I was hitting the bottom of the barrel with ideas. (Hey… let’s write about my mystery bruise on my leg! Ummm… let’s not…) Hopefully, with taking more time to write, my post topics will be more in depth, concise, witty and well, interesting(!) Here’s to hoping!

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and holiday (if you live in the States), and I’ll be back tomorrow. Maybe.


About No Disrespect

A little schmuck in a big world
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