Six Things I Learned This (Year): Keeping Up With Kitty

Update:  Next week, the blog will most likely go dark for a week, because well, it’s Thanksgiving!  While I’m at home, stuffing myself to ungodly limits, I’m going to tinker with the back end and make some suggested improvements to the blog.  I might post if I become bored, but most likely, I’m gonna take a vacation from this whole thing.

So let’s get to it.  I’m a novice when it comes to owning cats.  Countessa Dolce, my owner, is currently purring loudly next to me.  I lucked out in the whole cat department:  Dolce is laid back, very affectionate (she thinks she a dog with all the licking that goes on around here…), and pretty easy to care for.   Below is a listing of equipment and tips that make my life (and hers) much easier…


1.)  Let’s start with the gross stuff first, eh?  Cleaning (and smelling) my cat’s poo is never fun.  For about a year, I’ve just been using grocery store bags… I scooped up her waste into the plastic… and then ran outside (in the cold) to the dumpster for fear that my house would start stinking.  (And boy, sometimes, my condo was rank!)  The whole impetus of this blog post is the joy that I’m feeling about purchasing the Litter Locker II Waste Disposal System this week.  Seriously, this thing is a godsend.  It is essentially a diaper genie for cats.   Now, I scoop up her waste, dump it into the locker, push a lever, and the pee and poo “flushes” into a large plastic bag…  And the best thing is that the “locker” contains ALL OF the smell from kitty’s urine and poo!   The locker holds up to a week’s worth of yuck, which means that I can take it out on garbage day… and not when my home warrants it.   Yay!

Again, from Amazon. com

2.)  But with kitty poo comes kitty litter.  And the box.  My cat likes to dig and fling litter all over the room when she’s doing her business.  Another great buy is the Petco Mega Rectangular Litter Box.  It’s huge, first of all, so it can contain lots of poo, just in case I can’t clean her box up right away.  And the sides are deep, so she can dig away, without leaving the dining room covered in small, clay pellets.  And the best part is that it is “nonstick,” which means that if the cat pees on the bottom of the box or the corner, it is still easy to clean without leaving all sorts of yucky clumps behind when you scoop.

I’ve tried all types of litter boxes, including the automatic ones, but honestly, sometimes simple is the best.

3.)  Alright.  Enough of poo.  Let’s get on to the good stuff.  A laser pointer is the best toy ever to my cat.  She will literally spend hours jumping, trying to “catch” the light.  It’s great exercise for my big boned cat.

(Psst.  Don’t shine it in your cat’s eyes, unless you’re looking to permanently blind her.  And want the Humane Society to stop by your place.)

Dolce loves that damn light...

4.)  My cat is the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet… that is, until it is time to cut her nails.  Then she becomes a hellion, trying to maim my fingers while complaining loudly and trying to run away.  (Seriously, she can out whine ME when it comes to stuff she doesn’t want to do…)

I’ve learned to cut her nails while she’s dozing off.  When she’s in sleep mode, she doesn’t have the capacity to complain so much.  Don’t get me wrong: she does get irritated, but since she’s not putting up so much of a fuss, I am able to cut her nails quickly, and let her get back to business.

I just use regular human toe nail clippers.  I feel that I have more control over the cut… and am less likely to nick her quick than with standard cat nail cutters.

This machine really SUCKS!

5.)  Let’s get back to cat equipment.  The bain of my existence has become her hair… and how to keep it off of me, my clothes, my furniture and my floors.  As to the floor part, I have fallen in love with my Shark Lift-Away Vaccum.   It is the most powerful, yet light vacuum I have ever owned.  It makes cleaning almost fun!   And the suction is so powerful that I have to clean out the canister EVERY TIME I vacuum the floors.  What a godsend!

I know this particular vacuum is advertised via infomercial, but I can safely say that all of the hype is real.  (And for the record, I tried a Dyson, and it really doesn’t compare to the power of the Shark.)

Instead of buying it through Amazon or the infomercial, I suggest taking one of their 20% off coupons and going to Bed Bath and Beyond instead.

For quick pickups and furniture hair removal, instead of dragging out the Shark and snapping on attachments, I use the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum.   Same deal:  picks the hair right up!


6.)  As for my clothes, I’ve learned to just never wear black around my cat.  And yes, regular sticky rollers are still the best thing going for stubborn, errant pet hair on clothing.  If anyone has better ideas, I’m all ears.

Yo.  If I don’t see you guys, have a great Thanksgiving, and I’ll be back about a week from now.

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2 Responses to Six Things I Learned This (Year): Keeping Up With Kitty

  1. Was really glad to see an opinion of the Shark vacuum from someone I know. I have the Vac then Steam for my hard floors and LOVE it! Now I need to get this for my carpet. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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