Halloween, Bhangra Style

First, apologies to those who took the time to write comments over the past week. Most ended up in my spam box. It’s all fixed now and posted to the site!!!  Even the backhanded compliments made the cut!  My policy on comments: you can say whatever you want, but be prepared for me to make fun of you… I’m laughing AT you… not with.  Trust.

Vomit = Your Comments


All right.  It’s cold as f***.  It snowed last weekend.  The snow’s all gone now but winter stuck around.  Does someone have God’s phone number???  We really need to remind Him that it is still fall.  Brrrr….

The snow almost ex-nayed my Halloween weekend plans.   I hate being cold.  I believe there is nothing worse than stepping outside when there is a sub zero wind chill present.  I immediately start to shiver, and my fingers and toes turn to ice.  No amount of layers, Gortex, polypropylene, fluffy feathers, wool or sheepskin will keep me warm.  Ugh.  I don’t wish being cold on my worst enemy(!)   But since I paid $19 for my ticket, my friend was waiting for me… (and I’m cheap), I prepared to face the elements.

Yeah. Creative.

My costume presented a dilemma.  It was too damn cold to head out in a skimpy shirt and skirt… I refuse to buy a new outfit every year for Halloween (again, I’m cheap), so I alternate between  the Naughty School Girl theme and pinning a whole bunch of underwear, mismatched socks and dryer sheets on my clothes and proclaiming myself  “Static Cling.”   This year, natch…  I was a naughty school girl again.  Its so easy:  find your sluttiest shirt and skirt, pull your hair back in pigtails… put on your reddest lipstick… and you’re done.  It literally took me 10 minutes to put on that stupid outfit.  I thought better about wearing cute heels though: my biggest nightmare is to slip and fall on the ice, chipping a tooth… or worse.  So I pulled my $15 fake Uggs out of the closest for the first time this year.  I put on four layers of coats on top of my costume and headed out.

I love riding the subway on Halloween weekend.  The freakshow really came out this year.  Lots of Captain Americas and Zombies/Vampires this year.  A few Lady Gagas and Nikki Minaj’s made a showing.  (Every girl was wearing extreme heels.  Well, good luck to them!  Don’t fall on the ice, suckas!)   Men, like me, who couldn’t be bothered with buying an elaborate costume went out as Charlie Sheen.  Why were there so many Where’s Waldos this Halloween?  Hello 1990s????  My favorite outfit on the street was a pair of (very handmade) Angry Birds.  They were so shoddily put together that the party-goers were pooping feathers as they walked down the street.  As for my friend, she did not dress up in costume at all… she went to the nightclub in a sparkly dress.

So we headed to the club.  This year, we graced our presence at Bhangraween 2011.  Since we ARE Indian, we geek out over dancing to Bollywood and Bhangra tunes.  Especially when a wold renounced DJ is present.  DJ Rekha is one of the most revered desi DJs out of NYC, so we knew that it would be a good party, right?   But of course, she did not come out right away.  The first DJ rocked the house with songs I hadn’t heard… since I WAS in pigtails.  (My outfit became suddenly (somewhat) appropriate.)  Seriously, he played songs like this.  And this.  And seriously, even this.  (Don’t worry if you forgot the song – I did.)  The crowd must have been over 30, because we ALL went wild.  Happy music is always welcome.  My friend and I agreed later that the opening act was probably the best part of the night.

DJ Rekha

For the second time in a week, I was in the first row without really trying.   DJ Rekha finally came out around 12-ish AM (like all Indians, she functions on Indian Standard time… we arrive when we’re bloody well ready…).   And immediately, I could see up her nostrils.  Sexxxy.  We were so ready for some Indian tunes.  But of course, she did not start with what we all came here for…

Some woman came out and sang… I don’t know what.  (After conducting some research later, it turns out she was singing in her mother tongue, Portuguese.  Perfect for an English/Hindi speaking crowd.)  Then a cute blonde girl played the an Indian instrument called a dhol (very well, mind you) and danced around the stage for a bit.

Blonde Dhol Girl

We were getting closer to the Indian subcontinent, but still, this was no bhangra.  It wasn’t until maybe around 12:45 that the party really got started.  Yeah, bhangra!  For all of your novices, Bhangra is a popular Indian dance music style emanating from the state of Punjab.   For the men, it’s very easy; all you guys have to do is “raise the roof” and pump your hands.  Do you know how to do that?  That’s it.  You’re a master.

You go on with your BAD selves!!


For the ladies though, it’s a bit more complicated (as usual).   Your hips swivel while your arms twirl in intricate patterns around themselves.

Yeah. Something like this... the arms anyway


Rekha mixed bhangra with Bollywood dance songs. My friend kept whispering in my ear, “you HAVE to see this movie!  Oh, and this is a good song too!”  Ahhh… I have a love hate relationship with Bollywood.  First of all, my attention span can’t last four hours.  And my Hindi has left the building due to lack of use, so I spend most of the movie reading subtitles… But I like the songs!

It was quite odd dancing to Bhangra in Halloween costumes.  Usually, I’m decked out in my finest Indian gear.  But hey, it was fun.  Until it wasn’t.  Then we went home.


Bhangra Madness! In Halloween Costumes! (No. This is not me nor my friend.)


More Crowd Shots!


The show from coat check...


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