Happy Hour Conversations

Since today is (technically) a holiday, I’m keeping this blog post short and sweet.  A lot of people I know have the day off today… I don’t.  I’m bitter.  So I’ll take it out on you guys.

(Not really.)

Happy Columbus Day?

*     *     *

Happy hour is a magical time of the day.   Cheap booze and food, lots of friends and deteriorating conversations through the evening result.  Since I’m cheap (… and Indian), I love a good deal, and Happy Hour is as good as it gets.  People always approach me to ask about good Happy Hour locations, as I have a running list going in my head.  What can I say?  I like my food and drink.  (Well, I like my food… my drink of choice at the moment is a Diet Coke, as I don’t imbibe anymore…)

Hey… maybe I’ll celebrate Columbus Day by going to Happy Hour… hmmm…..

For your benefit, here are my favorite places in DC/Arlington.  If you want to stalk me, you might see at these following places on any given day:

Vinoteca (U Street): Happy Hour Every Day!!! I particularly like the bar bites…. they are discounted quite a bit. Select wines are $5 per glass.

Heritage India (Dupont Circle): Tapas are 50%! (And good s**t too like golgappas and other “street” food… which I can’t make at home.) If you drink, there are good deals too.

Busboys and Poets(U Street/Chinatown/Shirlington):  I find myself hanging out at their Shirlington location more than the DC one(s)… I actually have no idea what food/drink specials are available during Happy Hour – I go for the poetry readings and book signings.

Kramerbooks/Afterwards Cafe (Dupont Circle): I gotta support the local book stores.  I’ve become totally useless… again, I know they have drink specials during HH… What? I don’t know.  I go for the scene.

Piola (Arlington):
Free food.  Need I say more?  And I walk by the restaurant pretty much every day.  It’s too easy to stop in.

Zaytinya (Chinatown): I just love their food.  I love it more when it’s 50% off.

Kotubuki (Palisades): $1 sushi happy hour!!!!  And probably the best cheap sushi in the area.  (Note: I just looked at the website and there’s no mention of their Happy Hour.  Well… it’s still cheap.)

There are many more places I have (and have not) been to.   But you get the jist… Washington, DC is definitely Happy Hour City!

*     *     *

So, recently, I had the “Happy Hour conversation” with some people I’ve known for a very, very long time.  They don’t frequent happy hours, as they don’t drink.  The man, in particular, is against anything that has to do with alcohol, smoking and gambling – any vice. He is very Indian, and has a thick accent.  Try to hear the accent as you read this conversation:

Man: “No Disrespect, I know what a Happy Hour is… but why do people go after work to drink?  I don’t understand…”

Me: “It’s just an opportunity to hang out with your friends after a hard work day.  I go because everything’s cheaper during Happy Hour.”

Man:  “I’m always invited by the office to this Happy Hour.  Do you have to drink while you’re there?”

Me: “I just order a diet coke and some food.  They have good food specials generally too.  Very cheap.”

Man:  “But why do they have to hang out in a bar?  Why can’t people just go to a restaurant?”

Me: “Lots of restaurants have happy hour specials too.  But you have to order them in the bar area.”

(Woman in background:  “But what if people get… drunk?”)

Me: “Most of my friends do not get drunk at 5 PM.  I trust that the man’s office won’t get drunk either.  They’re just going to socialize over a few drinks.  You don’t have to drink… again, just order a soda or some juice.  It’s fun.  You might actually like it.”

[Long pause]

Man: “I dunno…”

It was a very weird discussion to have with my parents.


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