Ode to Steve Jobs

In light of Steve Job’s passing, I feel (sort of) bad for writing yesterday’s post.  Jobs was a hype man extraordinaire (right behind Flava Flav, of course…), but he had the “cred” to back up everything he said.  He built Apple from the bottom up… twice, and has helmed products that will be in our purses, offices and coffeeshops for years to come.  In his honor, I’m typing this blog on my six year old Apple Powerbook… remarkable because it’s still alive and kicking. (And it still kicks my 2 year old PC’s ass… while typing my blog post yesterday, the PC decided to overheat on me TWICE!  The Powerbook hasn’t died on me yet.)

I just checked online, and a used PowerBook still ain’t cheap. Wow!

Rather than memorialize the man through words (which every other news outlet is doing quite well ad nauseum, thank you very much…), let’s do this one through pictures and captions, shall we???

Steve Jobs as a Hanson Brother (1972)

Steve Jobs as Some Porn Star (1980s)

Steve Jobs as Tucker Carlson (1984)

Steve Jobs as an Early Ashton Kutcher (1980s)

Steve Jobs as a Late Ashton Kutcher (late 1970s)

Steve Jobs, Apple in Left Hand (1980s)

Steve Jobs, Apple in Right Hand (2000s)

And whuttt???  He helped start/was a major creative force behind Pixar Animation Studios as well?!?!???

I just shed an iTear...

I just shed an iTear...

(And THAT’S NOT ALL!!! I was told by someone who knew him, that he was a royal, Grade-A asshole.  Really.  My kind of guy.)

Okay, enough with the blubbering.   Thanks Mr. Jobs for my iPhone, my iPod, my iTunes… my iLife. You will be missed!

*      *      *

(Well, somehow, writing about drag queens seems quite inappropriate after lamenting on someone’s death.  Hmmm… maybe I’ll just leave my post here and come back to the topic next week.   I know I’m a tease!   So a short post today for a big man….)


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