Monday morning… fully experienced

First, some housekeeping. I finally learned how to change the blog discussion settings; you should be able to leave comments anonymously now.  I haven’t tested it so TAG… you’re it(!); let’s see how it works.

Short post today.  It is 2:37 in the morning, and I am WIDE awake.  Even the cat has gone to bed.  (I can see her face; it’s obvious she is in full REM mode.  Jealous.)  But it’s my own damn fault: I should not have drank liter(s)… yes, LITER(S)… of Diet Coke last night.  Ugh.  Let’s set the scene:


I know... I know...

Some friends and I went out for an impromptu girls-night-out: dinner and a show (that write-up will come later in the week, methinks), and I ordered ONE Diet Coke along with my meal. Being a restaurant, they gave me a large glass; probably two servings. Because I had just walked from the Metro, (and understandably, was a bit dehydrated), I downed that glass before we even ordered. The waitress, who is very good at her job, gave me a refill right away in a larger, monster-esque glass. (I’m guessing it was at least 48 oz.)  Well, I consumed almost two more of those humongous glasses before the night was through.  So… here we are: I drank about 96 oz of Diet Coke within 4 hours… and now I’m a wreck.  So sick.

I have a mild headache. I (obviously) cannot sleep.  My stomach’s queasy.  I might even be shaking a bit.  While writing this blog, I’ve already had to run to the bathroom TWICE… my poor bladder!!!  The fact that there’s no heat in my condo unit (yet… the radiators have not been turned on by management) is complicating my life as well – it’s too damn cold to sleep anyway.  The space heater is drying out my sinuses…  My skin itches… and the birds have already started to chirp incessantly.  Oy.  This is going to be a long night…

I’m sitting in the dark, waiting for the Advil I took to kick in.  I decided to at least be productive while I’m in pain and wide awake, so I started writing this blog post.  I’m hoping I’ll fall asleep before I finish my thoughts…  But now that I think about it – my mind’s already engaged; I know that sleep won’t happen until I’m bloody done.  *Sigh*  I’m hating life at the moment.

The sad part is, this situation is going to kill my Monday.  I have already made plans to cancel my dental appointment… which was supposed to take place five hours later.  Likewise, dinner plans cannot be accommodated either.  (Sorry, you-know-who.. I’ll text you at a more appropriate time.)  I’ll try to put in a solid work day; I have one meeting in the afternoon.  But I know that my old, rickety body can only do so much without proper sleep.  I’ll consider it an accomplishment if I get my regular exercise routine in today.

And so the morning continues… I’m just hoping that I won’t have to watch the sun replace the moon.  Body: I order you to gimme some shut eye, dammit!!!

(It’s still not listening.  Le sigh.)

Well, the good news is I won’t be able to look at a Diet Coke for awhile.  I think I officially overdosed on caffeine, without the whole sordid aftermath of ending up in the ER.   Thank dog for small favors?!?!???  Nahhh… I will praise the higher powers when I (finally) catch up on the Zzzz’s I missed tonight. Here’s to hoping…

UPDATE: I was able to get in 3 good hours of sleep.  Not enough, but it’ll do.   I’m seriously debating falling asleep again.  I don’t need money.  Right?

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One Response to Monday morning… fully experienced

  1. T.A.M. says:

    Respectfully, this is a most interesting installment because it is impossible to formulate any kind of reasonable response without dealing with its meta-characteristics, rather than its content. I mean, someone could “like” this, I suppose, or post a nonsensical facebook-ism or tweet-ism; or perhaps issue a condolence for the pain you’ve experienced, or the sleep you’ve missed. I don’t think this is a bad thing, I’m just interested to see if anyone can come up with anything else. Yes, this is a challenge.

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