What I Learned This Week: The Hodgepodge Edition: 9/23/11

So I’m in the second day of paying for no internet service… Since my morning will comprise of staying on hold with Verizon, I am going to keep this blog post short and sweet.

My sentiments exactly


1.)  Facebook sucks too.

Yeah, pretty much everyone I know hates the new Facebook layout.   It’s frankly turned into everything I hated about MySpace… overly busy with too much information and hype.  And oh, fixing things that I didn’t even know were broken is not a great business strategy.

But, wait…  The normal Facebook user is not it’s customers.   We are the product.  Since it is a free service, Facebook sells our information to third parties and advertisers.  All of these new features aggregates the data collected by Facebook on us even further.  From that viewpoint, the changes are brilliant:  More information on the user = higher value of content for market = more revenue.

If you need this information spelled out pictorially, here’s an excellent representation of what just happened…

I'm just pissed that I have to block MafiaWars again...


Oh, and here’s a workaround to get your old news feed back.  Warning:  It’s a PITA if you have more than 50 friends/”liked” pages though…


2.)  Hey, I’m on Google!

While searching for something totally random on Google, I found this blog on the freakin’ first page!  For somebody who, up until now has been too lazy to tag or categorize my posts, I’m wondering how the bots are finding this tiny blog.  It’s not like I seriously advertise it, aside from automatic posting to my Twitter and Facebook feeds. But yay me anyway!

This fact must make my SEO friends just a little bit sadder today.  Sorry.


3.)  House flies apparently go to the bathroom every 4.5 minutes.  If they don’t immediately poo on your food, they will most likely vomit on it first.  Think about that the next time one lands on the food that you’re eating…

He has already assumed the position...



4.)  In other disgusting news, the FDA regulates how much rat hair can be contained in tuna fish cans.  The sad part is that the number is not zero.

For more information, click here.  Yum.


5.)  If you are right-handed you will sweat more from under your left arm.   If you are left-handed, you will sweat more from under your right arm.


6.)  A Plumber’s busiest day is the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Number one problem… unclogging your sink’s garbage disposal.

Number two problem?!?!???  (Think about it.)


And wouldn't you want a piece of THAT?!?!???


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