7 Bad Things that are Actually… Good for You!

Ahhh… happy hump day!  Hope you are enjoying the grind, and are making your dough the easy way.  (Working hard or hardly working… I don’t care.)   As a reward, go crazy.  Several things that you thought were terrible for your health… are actually sorta, kinda good for you.  Oh, let’s explore the ways…

1.) Booze

Beer. It's what's for breakfast... lunch and DINNER!

So you have heard by now that red wine in moderation helps protect against heart disease, yup?  Well, you can put down your hoity-toity wine glass and pick up your 40oz beer mug to cheer to your overall good health as well.

Studies in Europe have found that the copious vitamin B6 content in beer can prevent the build-up of homocysteine, an amino acid that can lead to heart attacks. Beer also contains polyphenols, the same ingredient in wine that controls LDL cholesterol.  (i.e., The BAD one.)

More info: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/09/why-alcohol-is-good-for-you/

2.) Loud Music

Yeah... ok. Now I'm getting angry (see below)

Turning your music up to an 11 might not be so bad as once thought,  according to researchers at Manchester University.  For you are stimulating part of the inner ear known as the sacculus, which responds to the beat in music. This action gives the brain pleasure and makes us feel good — during the music and afterwards.  It’s a regular form of the ganga… in beat form!  But you must turn it up loud… above 90 decibels.

So remember that the next time your teen shakes the house with that annoying Justin Beiber muzak.  Or when go to the clubs willy-nilly.  And while you’re there, for God’s sake, get yourself a drink.  Get healthy, people!

3.) Swearing

By researching the pain tolerances of students who were cursing up a storm, a study documented in Scientific American suggests “that swearing may serve an important function in relieving pain.”


In extreme cases, the hotline to the brain’s emotional system can make swearing harmful, as when road rage escalates into physical violence. But when the hammer slips, some well-chosen swearwords might help dull the pain.

Lesson?  Swear, but swear alone.  Don’t escalate it into you know, giving someone a beatdown, because well, it might hurt more… when they beat your back.

4.) Computer Games

Just a minute Mom... I'm working on my IQ

I have always thought that computer games isolates children and make them dumb to human experience.   Right?  Wrong.  Researchers have found that kids who really play electronic media can improve their hand–eye coordination, their grip on science and even their IQ.  


A 2002 study using 700 children found that games such as Sim City and Roller Coaster Tycoon honed children’s strategic thinking skills. Further research at Glyndwr University in Wales suggests computer games are a great way to explain the basics of physics. (I.e., a weapon thrown in a game has to follow a certain trajectory, illustrating the laws of physics and gravity.)

Additionally, video games might actually help us get fit and lose weight. Scientists at the University of Miami hooked up 21 boys to various monitors while they played Tekken 3, a mock martial arts contest, on a Sony PlayStation.  During the game the boys’ heart rates sped up; they were using more energy and began breathing more quickly.  Well, it’s not football, but it’s better than sitting around the ol’ TV.

Yay!  Go technology!   Make our kids smart and active.  Because our schools won’t.


(Not really.)

5.) Chocolate


Well, you already knew that chocolate cures all bad moods.  But wait… THERE’S MORE!!!!! It’s also packed with the antioxidant flavonols which prevent certain cancers and keep your arteries from clogging… and may even increase blood flow to the brain, warding off dementia til you’re really, really old.

BUT!  You have to eat dark chocolate with highest cocoa content possible.  Milk chocolate and other yummy, good chocolate with lots and lots of sugar doesn’t help one bit.  (There’s always a catch…)

6.) Being (a little) overweight

A US study studying the mortality rates of 2.3 million people found that those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 to 30 – technically “overweight” – were no more likely to die of cardiovascular disease and cancer than those with a “healthy” BMI of 18.5 to 25.

How come, Mom?  It’s possible that older people who are overweight have greater nutritional reserves that help carry them through bouts of ill health.

It’s WHERE you put on weight that can be more significant than your BMI: carrying weight round your middle is much worse than carrying it on your hips.  

So… if you are generally fit, then carrying a few extra pounds is not going to kill you.  Until you die.  Then all bets are off.

7.) Being Lazy

It may be better to lay on the couch and take a nap than go to the gym.  Don’t believe me? Research suggests that people who run long distances into their 50s are using up energy they need for other purposes such as cell renewal and fighting disease.  In fact, priests, nuns and monks, who tend to live quieter lives, tend to live longer than us hyperactive, stressed out, exercise nuts.  That’s just not fair.

Other studies show that our brains are much more active when we daydream than previously thought. ‘Mind wandering is typically associated with negative things like inattentiveness,’ says psychology Professor Kalina Christoff at the University of British Columbia. ‘But research shows our brains are very active when we daydream, much more than when we focus on routine tasks.’ So daydreaming is good for you too.

So, in conclusion, have a crazy, rocking day.  But in moderation, of course.


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