Ode to the Cat

I have always thought I was a dog person.  Until recently, I have owned cute, cuddly puppehs who I thought were superior to to the kittehs.  Dogs, are definitely more playful, social and well, happier than cats.  Right???  Felines, on the other hand, are mean kitties: hissy, scratchy, bite-y and moan-y.    Well, my cat would beg to differ…

Introducing, my second pillow, Dolce:


She's a bit busy at the moment...

I have mentioned her in my blog before, but because inspiration has not come to me this morning on other topics, she will do nicely.

About two years ago, I decided to foster cats in my home.  (Dogs aren’t allowed in my apartment.)  I was fully prepared for a hellion: a cat that would tear up my place and bite and scratch me every opportunity it got.  (My parent’s cat taught me that cats were not to be touched or coddled… or else.  I still have scars…)  The first cat that came to me was a stray from North Carolina.  This big, white furry thing immediately took a liking to my home.  Within five minutes, she was in my lap, licking my face.  When I had guests over within the week to test her temperament, she was in everybody else’s lap too.   After a good three months of trying to find her a new home… [placing adult cats into forever homes is hard (even for a cat as sweet and gentle as her)], I decided to adopt her instead.

But first, her name needed to be changed.  Her original name was Bili… the hindi word for “cat.”  Being Indian myself, I wasn’t going to name my cat “cat,” so I changed languages on her.  I named her Dolce, Italian for “sweet”  because my sister took the Indian word for “sweet” when she named her dog.  (Burfi).  Confusing enough?

Since then, she has occupied her time with  sleeping, hiding, playing, eating and pooing.  I am awoken every morning to her sandpaper tongue licking my face and nose, extracting my blackheads.  (I don’t fool myself.  This isn’t love – she just wants breakfast.)  After showering, she uses my tub as her personal slip n’slide/sometimes skateboard ramp… and promptly tracks bathwater throughout the house.  (She is the only cat I know that takes to water… if I leave my toilet seat up accidentally, it becomes her private pool.  Yuck!)  Afternoons are spent asleep.  Evenings are occupied by tossing her toys and  running in and out of a Trader Joe’s paper bag.  (Yesterday, she went into the bag with such velocity that she, *ahem…* “broke on through to the other side.”  After major confusion and some major whining (seriously, I have never heard a cat whine until yesterday), the bag was replaced, and all is good with the world again.)


Oh. Hey.

I think I own a narcoleptic cat...


I realized that, sad to say, my cat entertains me more than my dogs (RIP) ever did.   Some stereotypes died hard this week.  Dolce does everything my dogs were supposed to do… but didn’t:

  • she leaps into my arms when I come home;
  • she also sits by the door, staring at it longingly for hours when I leave the house (according to my mom, who has witnessed this event);
  • Dolce begs to play with me;
  • she comforts me when I’m sad (by sitting in my lap and staring at me);
  • I can ‘torture’ her by tossing her in the air/make her do somersaults/etc…. and she doesn’t ‘say’ jack;
  • the cat licks me willingly with no abandon; and
  • And for some reason she loves children and company.   Seriously, she ignores me when others are around.  Bad kitty!

Not to mention that she’s a cat too.  I can leave her for a weekend alone; with enough food and her litterbox, she will be fine.   I think I own a cat-dog.  And it’s not just me who thinks so.  Dog people who visit my house tell me that they really, really like my cat.


My dogs were the true cats.  They were moody and temperamental.  To be fair though, most of them were rescues who were abused themselves, so I don’t blame them.  Maybe “normal” dogs act, like, well… dogs.


Ahhh… frack it.  I’m a dog AND a cat person.  Deal with it.



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