Hey There Good Looking!!! Fashion for Short People

Anyone that knows me personally recongizes that I’m the last person to talk to about clothing and fashion. I like what I like, and I wear it… no matter if it’s in “fashion” or not. I really don’t care. Comfort is the most important criteria when choosing outfits to buy. But having said that, I know what looks good on me, so that’s what I’ll share today. (Boys, sorry for the girlie week… all genders will be represented tomorrow. Promise.)

I’m short. I can’t wear a lot of clothes that come of the runway. First of all, it’s too big for me. (**Insert polite chuckle**) And I would look foolish in it. Heck, even the models look silly in 95% of their finery. Most importantly, I’m a short person. And short people have different sets of rules for fashion. Read below for my (and well placed internet research) solutions on how to not accentuate your shortness. In some cases, you might look taller than you actually are!!! Hey there, cutie!

1.) For the love of God, stand up straight.
Nothing makes you look shorter than a hunched back… Your slouch can hide a couple of inches under its curve. Improving your posture doesn’t just make you look taller… you are taller, Sherlock! Health benefits outweigh the convenience too: slouching puts pressure on your vertebrae, crunching your disks in your back, causing back pain… or worse pinched nerves. Ouch!

Exercise and stretch a bit more in the mornings, and make it a point to straighten your back when you stand and sit. And remember, a straight back and centered head projects confidence; maybe people won’t notice what a short f*** you are when you own the room. Think about it.

Breaking this bad habit will be hard, but it’s worth it. Not just for the being taller aspect.

2.) Wear heels

Next Plastic Surgery Craze???

Wearing high heels will give you some height. Yeah, I’m a genius. Note, they do not have to be stilettos. 1-2 inch heels will go a long way to make you look taller. An added benefit is that they make your legs look mighty sexxy. Now, find shoes that are comfortable… don’t suffer for your fashion. You might look tall, but if you’re wobbling around like a drunk person, the only thing you are achieving is MY goal to laugh AT you. (Believe me, I’m not laughing with you… trust.)

I give my feet a rest and wear flats too. I’m not interested in contorting my feet for fashion. I don’t have to look tall every moment of the day. Neither do you.

3.) Wear your hair short.
I am 5 foot tall. Every time I’ve grown my hair past my shoulders, it has overwhelmed my entire body. Yeah, and people had commented on my shortness even more than usual.

When the neck shows, the figure looks elongated. Anything bulky around the neck (including hair) will make you look shorter. Yeah, that also goes for your neckline. Avoid fussy collars and turtlenecks unless it’s extremely cold outside. A long neck will go a long way to fake having a long body.

Ok, now for some less obvious advice…

4.) Wear pants that cover your shoes.

This action will elongate your legs. I personally like boot cut trouser styles. The flare definitely makes my legs look longer than they actually are. (And oh, my legs are quite short too… oy.)

5.) Skirts? The long and short of it…

If you wear long skirts, make sure they are not baggy. Overly voluptuous skirts and dresses make your legs look short. Look for  straight styles and/or nothing longer than ankle length. Miniskirts are great too because shorter styles are in proportion to your height.

6.) Think Monochromatic.
Mixing colors is alright for petite women, but I’ve noticed that when I wear one color throughout, I look taller. Monochromatic clothing makes you look taller and slimmer by producing a strong unbroken vertical line that elongates the body.  I wear both light and dark tones; if you’re a bit heavier in the midsection, you may want to stick to darker hues in your clothing.

7.) Wear vertical, not horizontal stripes.
Horizontal stripes on a short person makes even skinny people look chunky. Vertical stripes gives the illusion of tallness because it trains the eyes to look up and down rather than sideways. Just wearing a pair of jeans that have a vertical line in the seams will create the illusion of a taller person.

One or two lines are enough to create this illusion. Try to avoid wearing clothing items with multiple vertical lines or mixing two garments with two different line patterns.

8.) Wear shorter jackets.
Ideally, coats and jackets hems should hit just above the hip bone to make you look taller, but that’s not practical if you live up north. If you must wear a longer jacket, try to find a warm one that comes about mid thigh maximum for ultimately tallness fakery. Try to avoid trenchcoats, if possible.

9.) Be careful with belts.

... Especially THIS belt

I avoid belts if possible, because they cut off your upper body from your lowers… making you look shorter than you actually are. If you must wear a belt, don’t wear large or overly fussy ones; I’d recommend you keep it as plain Jane as possible.

10.) Baggy Clothes = Big No-No.
I’ve found that most people use baggy clothes to hide their extra pounds. Please don’t do that. Oversize t-shirts do not hide your spare tire; giving yourself no shape actually accentuates your trouble zones (tall or short). I have decided unilaterally that it is better for short people to just tuck in their damn shirts. Tucking in not only looks neat and tidy, but it also prevents you from looking like you’re an wearing your older sister’s hand-me-downs. (Although it has worked the opposite in my family… I’m always inheriting my younger brother’s and sister’s old clothes… and yes, both are taller than me.)

In the end, everybody needs to understand their own body type, and dress for it. Work with what Mother Nature gave you! If you know how to dress well for your shape and budget, people won’t even notice that you’re carrying around a few extra pounds… or that you’re short. If you have no fashion sense (like me), I’d advise that you go to an upscale department store like Neiman Marcus and have a personal stylist look you over and make recommendations on clothing choices. READ: You are not obliged to buy anything from them(!!!!) Unless you have the cash to do so.


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