Revenge of the Nerds…

While writing yesterday’s blog post, I started to think about why people out in the fringe get such a bad rap.  Certainly, geeking out at a Renaissance Fair for a WHOLE day is one thing… but what if you’re that freak everyday?  Perhaps, you’re the poor soul that got bullied extensively in school, escaped, went to college, found other freaks like yourself… and now lead a very happy life with your polka dotted picket fence with your kid that says “f**k” at lot.  Hey, I don’t judge.

Before I go further, we should probably define (within some constructs) what “being different” actually entails.  In essence, you think for yourself.   You do not worry about what society demands or expects of you.  You have less of a need or want to conform.  Although being different is not static – everybody has a freak flag that they fly occasionally – people truly out of the norm maintain a certain pride about their uniqueness.  (Well… once they leave grade school.  Bullying is no joke.)

  • Being “different” is often  something you were born into (e.g., being born of a different race/ethnicity from the majority; not conforming to societal definitions of “beauty;”  having some mental/cognitive abilities (or disabilities) that put you outside of the norm…), etc.  Because you were born different, you were probably raised different, and now as an adult, you get to deal with being “different.”
  • Adversity in life and/or experiences out of the norm can often make one think differently as well.

I’m not saying that people who were raised “normally” cannot start thinking differently later on in life… you’re just more predisposed to weirdness, well, if you are actually different than most of the other people in your world.

But let’s go one step further.  Perhaps the “true” outliers in our society are the nerds, the geeks, and the dorks.  I’m sure you’ve seen, and perhaps taken one of the Nerd/Geek/Dork online tests.  For your edification (and so you can avoid clicking on the link), let’s delineate each one in excruciating detail, like I did above…


1.)  Nerds are smart.  Too smart.  Genius smart.  Many of them flaunt their intelligence by joining groups like MENSA.  They are the ones that often major in math and sciences (and actually enjoy both!), but they’re good at anything they set their mind to, even if it’s not basic science-based.  Ergo, they become successful, working in high status jobs because their skill set is so unique.  They innovate and change the world.  Unfortunately, all of that intelligence is often offset by their poor social skills.  But honestly, they don’t give two rats a**es about their conversational skills, because they own you.  The guy you bullied in high school?  You work for him now.  Just sayin.’


2.) Geeks are intelligent, but not as smart as nerds.  To overcompensate, they develop obsessive, encyclopedic knowledge of  esoteric, yet (mostly) pointless topics.  They are more of a hobbyist at their “craft” than an  innovator; They dedicate themselves to a subject rather than gain high intellectual aptitude of it.  BUT, if they are able to combine their gained knowledge of said subject with their career, they can become quite successful as well.  Yup.  They’re the ones that go to Comic Con, can quote every line of every Simpsons episode… even policy wonks fall into this category.  On the up side, geeks are generally more social adept than nerds.  You can actually look “normal” and be a geek.  You are in essence, an “undercover geek.”  You are more predisposed to smell, though.


3.)  Dorks have it the worst.  They combine the social awkwardness and obsession of nerds and geeks… with very little of the smarts.  But somehow, they are proud of their status in life.  They are forty, probably still live in their Mom’s basement, collecting comic books and playing D&D all day with their dork friends.  Dorks are fodder for nerds and geeks; even differently-abled people need someone to make fun of…

And to totally geek out, let’s put this darn post to a VENN diagram…

Uh, oh. I think I've officially become a dweeb...

Ahhh… f**k it.  Let’s stop with the overthinking.  You’re just idiosyncratic.  You’re peculiar.  You’re quirky.   And you sorta, kinda like yourself for being so.  Just go on being you, sweetie…


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