Ye Olde Renaissance Faire (and other randomness)

I hope everyone had a decent Labor Day weekend. I stayed at home, and caught up on fun stuff (like cleaning the house and cat box). Basically, I slept a lot and hung out with some friends between naps. Maybe it’s a bit boring to most people. but to me, it was not a bad way to spend a long weekend.

Yeah, but at times it was boring. I learned that a friend was going to the Renaissance Fair on Saturday morning quite by accident (i.e., Facebook). It put the thought in my head… hmmm… maybe I should take a break from all of this good sleep I’ve been getting and go too!!! Except that I don’t have a car anymore. So I put out an APB on Facebook, asking if anyone wanted to go with me and be my guide and chauffeur. One of my friends (sucker) responded within an hour (yay!), so I had real plans for Sunday.

Geeking out, Renaissance Style!

For those of you that haven’t slithered from under your rock in years, a Renaissance Fair (or Faire, if you will) is an outdoor festival that emulates the Medieval/Renaissance period in Europe from the 14th-17th centuries. Actors, in their best chainmail, corsets and leggings (oy!) mingle among the attendees/commoners, trying to speak the olde English.  Very badly.  (Attendees are encouraged to dress up as well… but most come in ye neu tank tops and shorts, more appropriate for the weather.) Shows in jousting, sword fighting, sword swallowing, juggling, etc. are put on for the amusement of the crowd. And where else can you get culinary treats such as turkey legs, mead and steak on a stick??? Oh, fun!!!  The times that I have gone, I went to make fun of everyone else.  Huzzah!

My general feelings about the day...

So, after an hour long commute on the Metrorail (which took a bit of steam out of my hot iron early), I met up with my friend and we carpooled to the festivities, paid our admission fee, and entered the 17th century… er, olden times.  And we immediately became bored.  Maybe it was because it was the Labor Day weekend, but most of the nationally known acts weren’t performing… so we got a lot of second rate acts and shows.  It was so bad that we actually watched a show twice because we had nothing to do.   And it was SO, SO humid outside that I focused more on my miserable self than the people around me.  Even the sight of people dressed as the Star Trek brigade (which should have set our snark meter alight), barely registered.  I think we were worn out by boredom at that point.  So we packed up our geek early, and went home earlier than hoped.  The company was good.  (Believe me, my friend tried to be a good sport too!)  Unfortunately, the execution was subpar.

Veni, Vidi, Volo In Domum Redire.  

(I came, I saw, I want to go home.)

So enough about the Renaissance Fair.  Going to the fete, and seeing people make such fools of themselves without any self doubt and reflection made me think about how often people need permission to geek out.  These are normal, work a day folks with mortgages and 2.3 kids… who just go bat s**t crazy when hey know other people will be in attendance like them. In essence, why does our society shun the odd… unless it’s prepackaged into a festival setting (i.e., Comic Con, South by Southwest… yes, even Ye Olde Renaissance Fair)????  Is this a good thing? Personally, I say, let your freak flag fly!

Darth Vadar Approves of this message

Eh, I think I’m still in long weekend mode.   You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for me to finish the thoughts above.  To be continued…  Ohhhh… sequel!!!  I need to think of a creative (i.e., lame) title for tomorrows blog…


Hey, and if you’re lucky, tomorrow’s blog post may have more of a point!   Here’s to hoping!


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