Six… er SEVEN Things I Learned This Week: The *Supersized* Edition (9/2/11)

Wow… I actually learned one more thing than I should have this week… Since I’m not one to hold back, let’s plow though this thing, and go on vacation early. Yee Haw!

*     *     *

1.)  Sprains apparently take their sweet time to heal.  What the hell is going on with my ankle?  I sprained my ankle on August 11.  It has gotten significantly better in the past few weeks… dare I say, maybe even cured?   I was walking without a noticeable limp for several days.  But yesterday, it started to throb again… and the other ankle decided to have sympathy pains.   WTF?  But rest assured, I am mobile… it just seems that the darn ankle brace is going to stay on for a bit longer.  Sadness.


2.) Social Networking privacy issues are starting to worry me. I always feel like a stalker when I peruse my Facebook News Feed. I really don’t need to know where you are and what you’re doing at any given time of the day.   It’s creepy to me, and I feel like a perv when I do it… but still, I can’t help myself.  What a sickness!  I don’t put up any personal information worth knowing on my profile. I usually just put up links that interest me.   (Yeah, including this blog… because I’m narcissistic like that…)

Now, the beacon of privacy rights, Google, has just admitted that the reason why they require that you use your real name on their Google+ service… is… wait for it… they want to market targeted goods and financial services to you.  While not surprised, I am put off.  It makes me want to change my name on both platforms… and swear off of both of them.  But I know that that’s not going to happen anytime soon.  Can someone say: addiction?


3.)  From the random facts pile… The Big Bang Theory.  Was first proposed.  By a Catholic Priest.  I am not going to comment on this for obvious reasons.  Just take it in, folks.


And now for some environmental facts:


It looks like an amusement park!!!

4.)  While I learned this a few weeks ago, it’s relevant now:  Arlington County, VA (where I live) incinerates their trash rather than dumping it in landfills.  It seems like an ingenious plan to deal with waste matter, but it does pose its own challenges.  While I don’t worry about throwing away an errant piece of paper into the trash bin anymore… I worry more about all of the plastics, light bulbs and batteries that are burned up each day.   Are we trading landfills for air pollution?  You can read more about it here.


5.)  Woman waste more water than men.  1 in 3 ladies leave on the water in the shower while shaving their legs.  As a result, we waste 13 billion gallons of water a year.  You go, girl!!!   In the same vein, 1 in 4 people brush their teeth with the tap running.  That’s 32. billion. gallons. of water down the drain.  




King Arthur's Round Table?6.)  King Arthur’s Round Table may have been found!  The King’s Knot, a spherical oddity below Stirling Castle in Scotland dating back to 1620, was non-evasively studied using remote-sensing geophysical tools this summer.   It was found that the present mound was created on an older site… a round feature is clearly present.   This site has been linked to King Arthur and his knights for hundred of years through stories and folklore.   More study and research needs to be done, but they will be underway shortly.  How exciting!


7.)  There may be a cure for smelly poop; but apparently, it’s only for women.  Men, you’ll continue to have to stink up the joint.  

(Don’t click on the link.  I’ve warned you.  PS: There is no poo on the site, well… not in that way.)


And with that, Happy Labor Day!


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