Labor Day Gifts (Yee Haw!)

Because we live in a consumerist society, American etiquette dictates that we give gifts for the most superfluous of occasions. Well, we have another day off next week (thank God)… Good ol’ Labor Day: The holiday to celebrate your work-a-day stiff status…  Well, here’s some more ways to piss your hard earned money away. And impress your friends.


(Click on all picture to buy.)

1.) The best Labor Day Gift to yourself. To ensure that your lousy coworkers NEVER steal your lunch out of the fridge again:

2.) For those who don’t care about their job.  Give them an ACTUAL ANGRY BIRD… well stuffed.   Throw it at all the pigs in your life… your boss, coworkers, etc. The targets are endless! … NOW WITH SOUND!!!

3.) For those friends who don’t have a job to labor at:

Because you care...

4.) And for those who gave up on the job market entirely, it’s back to school(!)

5.) Many of you may be out in the sun as well. For your barbecuing fiends… well, I don’t get it…  But if you do… buy it!


(Why do you need a spotlight to grill?  Really.  Somebody tell me.)


And… 6.) My gift to you:


(Because expired coupons show love.)


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