Six Things I Learned This Week: Such a grouch! (8/12/11)

Yeah. Another week down the drain. Can’t say this was a good one… but as some of my Facebook friends say, “it’s one for the history books.” What does that mean anyway?!?!??? It’s not as if your boring, hundrum life will ever grace some seventh graders text a few centuries from now… Brutha, please.

With that thought… here I go again.

1.) I’m a regular handiwoman. Yup, embrace my work: my bedroom door is opening and closing again! Yay, me!

I already knew that I possess a McGuyver mentality when it comes to do-it-yourself projects around the home. I never know what I’m doing; my work may not get done right (or on time), but it’s functional by the time I’m through.

Same old doorknob. Different thingamajiggies inside...

Same old doorknob. Different thing-a-ma-jiggies inside...

2.) My friends freak when they see me with a white leg. Yesterday, I received twenty-seven emails, texts and phone calls, begging me to take myself and my leg to the emergency room. Folks, my leg was never THAT discolored… I pulled the previous blog pic off the internet. I did not feel like taking a picture of my ugly gams until now…

My ankle... ugh.  If anything, you guys are keeping me honest.

My ankle... ugh. If anything, you guys keep me honest.

Yeah, it’s still quite swollen, but I’m able to walk on it with minimal pain now.  I was even able to run errands this morning.   I hope to start exercising again next week.. otherwise, I’m fine everybody.  But thanks for your concern.

3.) If you ever come to visit Arlington, VA… be very clear which road and block you need to get to before starting your journey. Our street names are quite random here. In Arlington, VA there are no less than five “Glebe Roads:” North, South, East and West Glebe. All are apparently are the SAME damn road… but it changes its name periodically for no reason at all. And don’t forget Old Glebe Road… just to frustrate Northern VA drivers some more.

… And all of the ‘Glebes’ have a 100 block.  I just checked. Why Arlington couldn’t just have one Glebe Road is a mystery that may never be solved…

But the ‘Glebes’ may not be the most ridiculous naming phenomenon: I have it on authority that there are three roads in South Arlington that have the SAME NAME… AND they intersect each other.

4.) As a sign of our piss poor economy, it appears that nothing’s a dollar anymore… in the Dollar Store. I went into said Dollar Store because I happened to be in the neighborhood. (Hey, I’m Indian. I’m cheap!)  I was quite surprised at the bait-and-switch: my shower curtain liner cost $6.99. Surprisingly, I found out that you can also now buy IPhone Chargers at the dollar store… but they were behind glass, so I’m pretty sure that you’re paying more than a dollar for those as well.

And let me leave you with two pet facts:

5.) In the state of Colorado, a pet cat, if loose, must wear a tail-light.  I don’t know why I was edified with this nugget of unless information.  Yeah, I got nothing…

Cat with Tail Light

But It Does Give a New Meaning to "Cat Eye" Safety Lights...

And, 6.)  According to the same friend that told me about the screwy roads in Arlington, the smallest cat breed in existence right now is the Munchkin.  And they are categorized into three sizes: the smallest ones affectionately nicknamed “carpet munchers.”   Yeah, I’m not touching that one with a ten foot pole…

Okay, goodbye folks.  See ya next week

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