I told myself that I was going to write a blog post yesterday. But it’s funny how things like “badly spraining your ankle” can derail all of your plans. Hey, I don’t get paid for this, so I can muse when and how I please…

If you know me at all, you are well aware that I injure myself on a near daily basis. I wear mystery bruises like tattoos and constantly regale friends with stories about how I fall down stairs, bump into sharp furniture at night and burn myself on the stove regularly. Heck, I even fell down Lombard Street in San Francisco just about a month ago. But when it comes to my limbs, I’m pretty flexible, so all sprains and strains, no matter how painful they are in the moment, heal within a few days as long as I take it easy.

But I did a number this time, thanks to Jillian Michaels. (Yes, I need someone to blame.) On Monday, while doing an exercise video, I wasn’t able to stabilize myself properly while jumping from side to side, and the entire weight of my body fell on my left ankle. I heard something snap. That never happens. Crawling and whimpering, I took off my shoes, socks and knee braces, turned off the TV, and looked at the damage.

Not too bad, actually. There was no swelling at the time, and I could put weight on it. Good. I thought it would be just like my other sprains. I’d rest up for a night, ice it up, take some Advil and start my routine again tomorrow. Right?

Wrong. It’s worse than I expected. Today as I look at my foot while typing (two days later), it’s swollen, slightly discolored and tender to the touch. No exercise today, sadly. The strange thing is that I can walk on it and limp minimally. I can put most of my weight on my leg. So nothing’s broken, I believe. But I know the more I “test” my ankle, the more time it would take to heal.

What my ankle looks like today...

What my ankle looks like today... well, if I was white

Of course, I’m looking outside my window today, and it’s a beautiful day! After weeks of 100+ degree weather, I’m ready to run around and soak up some rays. Not if my ankle has anything to say about it.

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