So sick… part deux (… and there’s MORE)

This blog posting will be relatively brief. In my wisest moment, I decided to eat potato chips for dinner last night. I am paying the price for it today. Oh, stomach: please heal thyself soon! And just to add insult to injury, my cat is sick too… she has puked twice this morning, which is not abating my nausea at all. Bad kitty!

Because of my general grumpiness today, let’s rant some more about my online dating experiences. Or lack of, since I have not gone on one single date yet resulting from an online match. The freak show continues in my inbox.

The general tone of the responses has stayed the same… even though I have stated very clearly at this point (I have edited my profile so thoroughly that you cannot miss it) that I am NOT interested in dating anyone from abroad, nobody seems to be reading a word of it… 99.9% of my responses are still losers with terrible English who just want green cards. Or immigrants in the US that want to ensure that they can stick around a bit longer. There are plenty of men in DC/East Coast who are citizens… why can’t even one guy from these here parts send me a nice note of interest?

At this particular moment, I have about twelve people that email me everyday, reminding me that I should email or even better, CALL them back. It’s quite amusing… I’m just glad they live 7,500 miles away.

One brilliant slob rewrote his entire profile to mirror my interests. And when I asked to see a picture… well, it looked mighty familiar. One of my online stalkers. Wow. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or throw a temper tantrum…

I’m really about ready to give up on this site and start over on *shudder* With it’s own set of freaks. Or just get out more and meet men the old fashioned way. Wish me luck… because I’m going to need it.

Now I’m off to take some Tums. G’day everyone!


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4 Responses to So sick… part deux (… and there’s MORE)

  1. This is the s**t I have to deal with. Just arrived fresh in my inbox. Enjoy!

    Hi I am a simple, well-educated guy looking for a career woman so that I can play a supportive role as a house husband. I promise all support to her in her career while I take care of the home front. At present, I am doing something on my own. [Ed Note: Drugs???] I have completed my studies and no longer a student. But I have a flair for learning and would probably study more depending upon the situation and that of my spouse. [Ed Note: Oh, so you want to use MY money to further your education?]

    Yes, he’s from India. Say it together: L-O-S-E-R.

  2. The “flair” for learning part made me giggle.

  3. Elizabeth S says:

    WOW. What site are you on?

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