HEAT WAVE!!!! (aka, Sweat Ceiling)

I’m sorry that I’ve been slagging on the whole blog thing.  For the next week or so, don’t expect much here.  I have wayyyy too much going on work-wise.  I haven’t even had a chance to exercise recently, which makes for one achy girl…

The news of the day is… why in the fcuk is it 117 degrees outside, (adjusting for the heat index)?!?!???  This is Washington, DC dammit, not Sahara Africa(!)  This heat wave has hit us like a load of falling bricks for about a week now, and it won’t let up apparently until Sunday.



For comparison:

  • College Station, TX is 95 degrees at 2 PM (feels like 100F)
  • New Delhi, India… well, it’s night right now, but tomorrow, it will hit 95 degrees (it will feel like 103F)
  • Even in Handeda, Ethiopia, near one of the hottest places on earth, the temperature will hit 107 tomorrow (and it will ONLY feel like 113F!!!)

I don’t know though… American has raised a bunch of whiners.

I lived in New Zealand several years ago.  When winter hit us (keep in mind, it’s pretty close to the South Pole), the kiwis definitely gave us gringos some tough love.  Electricity and gas is expensive in that part of the world – they would not let us turn on the space heater even when we begged and pleaded.  We were told to put on another layer of clothing.  After a few weeks of torture… I finally (kinda) got used to the cold.

Living in India over one summer was brutal too.  Central A/C is not common there, so people suffer… or die.  One or the other.  In my case, I finally realized why the siesta is so prevalent in equatorial countries… after a certain time, the heat becomes so unbearable that all you can do is sleep and let it pass.  We would all gather into one room after lunch… the one with the window unit… and sleep until usually 4 or 5PM.  We were the lucky ones… most families at the time didn’t even have a standing fan to use.  One time, we actually went to an blissfully air-conditioned, IMAX theater in Kolkata (Calcutta) to watch a movie on bugs… six stories of screen and surround sound… of mf-ing swarming bugs, mind you… to escape the blistering afternoon heat.   At that moment, it was the best movie I ever watched!

I never got used to 125 degree heat though like my cousins… I left within a month to relax in  more bearable Texas summer temperatures of 100F.   But like NZ, in time I’m sure I would have become like the locals.

So, East Coast.  You don’t have it that bad.  It’ll be over in a few days, and then you’ll find something else to complain about. Stay indoors and cool, and I’ll see you when I see you next.


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