Six Things I Learned this Week: The Late Edition (7/17/11)

I’m trying to get back into the writing groove since coming back from vacation.  So apologies all around for my laziness.  On that note, let’s do this thing…

1.)  A new fun fact that actually works:  Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying!

2.) I will think twice about flying JetBlue again.  JetBlue used to be an awesome discount air carrier, but I dunno… for the past few years, they never seem to get me anywhere on time anymore.  Cancellations, horrible delays… one flight attendant yelled at me for no reason once.  Man, they’ve gone downhill!  To wit: my vacation to San Francisco last weekend was nearly ruined by them.  On the outbound trip, my four hour layover in Boston was reduced to 4 minutes due to “weather.”  (It was fine outside, incidentally.)  Luckily, the connection to SFO was waiting for me.  On the way back, JetBlue decided to switch airports on us, informing passengers four hours before takeoff that we were flying out of Oakland instead.  It basically cut my vacation short, as I had to figure out if I wanted to go freaking Oakland’s airport on my own, or go to SFO early and catch a shuttle that JetBlue was providing for our flight.   I decided to take the subway to Oakland, and I’m glad I did…  thirty minutes before the flight was supposed to take off, at least one hundred pissed off passengers started to trickle to our gate.  Turns out that they had to wait in the bus for hours before it actually left.  Of course, the flight got into Boston late, and I had to do a 500 yard dash to get to my next flight… which guess what!  Was late too!!!  All of America’s airlines suck in their own way, but JetBlue can bite me.

3.) While I was on my redeye flights, I learned that Stauffer’s animal crackers have 13 animal crackers in their “zoo.”  Ahhh, what boredom does to a soul.

4.)  I guess I became the cool auntie last weekend at our family reunion.  Well, that is, until one of my cousins asked me if I liked DubStep.

I’ve polled several of my friends (all more trendy than me), and even they had no idea what I was talking about.  Well, I finally got around to researching this music online… and well, sorry kids.  Electronica that encompasses heavy “wobbly” bass rhythms have been around since you were in diapers.  I guess now since artists like Rhianna are incorporating these beats into their pop songs, the movement is becoming more widespread and popular.

5.)   You can sprain both knees at the same time.  When you’re walking down Lombard Street in San Francisco, watch your footing, as you can fall spectacularly.  I’m expecting my “escapade” to go viral on YouTube at any moment…  *sigh*

6.)  My favorite story of the week.  Turns out my freakin’ home county (Brazos County, home to College Station, TX and Texas A&M University)  statistically is a microcosm of America’s racial and ethnic makeup:  (i.e., 64% white, 12% African-American, 16% Hispanic and 5% Asian, 0.7% American Indian, 0.2% Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and  0.4% “other” or 2 or more races.)  Well, at least when the students are in town.  During the hot summer months, it’s all white, all the time…


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2 Responses to Six Things I Learned this Week: The Late Edition (7/17/11)

  1. I haven’t checked out the news yet… thanks! I’ll put money on the cyclists getting to Long Beach first…

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