Blog Extra: Netflix is EEEVIL!!!!!

[Note: I’m still recovering from my various injuries sustained while on vacation… and well, I just don’t feel like writing a long article today, so for you two people in Indonesia that actually read my blog, you will just have to deal…]

Netflix.  The Antichrist

Netflix. The Antichrist

A week ago, Netflix was one of the cheapest ways to rent DVDs.  For about $10/month, you could get one movie a month mailed to you… all you had to do was request it, wait for the ubiquitous red envelope to arrive, watch, and send said DVD back, postage paid.  Unlimited streaming of crappy C-rate films and TV shows were available for free as part of the package.  Two days ago, this arrangement ended abruptly… Netflix decided to pull a fast one on us and are now raising prices to use their services.  Now effective immediately for new customers, they are separating out their online streaming and mailing operations, and you must pay $7.99 for each for them.  ($16 dollars total if you want to keep things as before… a 60% increase from the previous model.)  Existing customers get to wait until September for these changes to take effect.

From what I’ve seen on the internets, you would have thought that World War III occurred.  (Or Rambo the 16th came out on DVD and is accidently being mailed to you…)   Millions of people are threatening to unsubscribe to Netflix en masse…

To which I say… take a few breaths and calm the fcuk down.

I totally believe that Netflix isn’t messing with us out of greed or malice… their pricing model is just unsustainable.  $10 a month is a ridiculously good deal… for years, we’ve been getting something for practically nothing.   And $16/month?   These days, I can’t even go to a movie without paying that much.

America.  Stop being a bitch.  Suck it up and take it in the balls like a grownup.

Yeah, Netflix shouldn’t have sprung this news out of nowhere.  But what can you do now?  Oh, yeah.  1.) Unsubscribe… and look into other options like Amazon Prime or;   2.)  Choose one option (online streaming or physical DVD) and pay an even cheaper rate than you do currently;  Or 3.) keep keep both plans, pay $6 more and hopefully, see their online streaming collection grow with their newly infused revenue stream.

[Ed Note:  No Disrespect does not work for or represent Netflix, Inc.  Hell, she doesn’t even subscribe to them, and has no plans to do so.]

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One Response to Blog Extra: Netflix is EEEVIL!!!!!

  1. Hey I’m not in Indonesia and I’m reading. It’s really the movie studios fault, they’re giving it to Netflix in the shorts because they’re the ones who want more money for streaming, not Netflix. As for pricing, I don’t stream and I have the four at a time plan, so my price is actually going down about $6. I’ve tried streaming, but between my slow ass computer and Comcast’s fubar internet service, it’s just nicer to have the disc (especially the Blu-Rays which look beautiful.)

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