Six things that I learned this Week: The Crazy People Version (7/7/11)

Note: I’m on vacation at the moment.  This blog will probably not be updated until Monday.  Happy Weekend everybody!!!!  With that, let’s get to the “news” of the moment…

1.)  Don’t be stupid and hike in the backcountry at Yellowstone National Park.  You might approach a bear with cubs, and get mauled and killed.  Oh, and don’t drink the water either.

Yogi Bear

Although I'm still more fearful of bears stealing my pic-a-nic basket...

2.)  What is the deal with the surname McVay/McVeigh… and their plots to kill federal workers

(Ed note: Yes, I’m stereotyping, but it’s my blog, so deal.)

3.) Charlie Sheen apparently has secured a new deal to star in a TV show based on the (awful) movie, Anger Management.  So movie stars can really get away with anything…  Sheen is definitely “winning” here, at the loss to the rest of us.

4.) In more disgusting news, how horrible in it that tabloid journalism has become so immoral that a private investigator employed by “News of the World” thought it was okay to hack into the cell of then missing teenager Milly Dowler?  The investigator reportedly listened and erased messages from the missing girl’s phone, leading Dowler’s family (and the police) to believe that Dowler was still alive.  And now, we’re learning that this “journalist” has also broke into the cellphones of terror victims, film stars, politicians and the royal family.   You think the American press is bad…

Oh, wait.  Rupert Murdock pretty much owns the American publishing world too.  Le sigh.

5.)  In “blame the victim” news, former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn will apparently get away with raping a hotel worker.  True, the victim lied about her whereabouts after the “attack;” fabricated an account of being gang raped in her home country; and falsely claimed someone else’s child  to obtain a tax benefit… not to mention, tried to gain financially from the incident.  But even with credibility issues, should we dismiss the case right away?  Or let justice run its course and go to trial?

6.)  And talking about people taking a walk, I have definitely learned if I ever decide to commit a heinous crime, I should probably do so in Florida.  Enough talking heads are overanalyzing the Casey Anthony verdict at the moment, so I won’t indulge.  But just let me take a moment to congratulate her Defense for being so… cunning in providing reasonable doubt to the jury.  I pity her parents, and her deceased child the most.  I hope Anthony gets her tubes tied, be forced to stay 200 feet away from any child, and god-forbid I never have to hear from her again.  Good riddance to her and her attorneys.


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