Blog Extra: Blue Balls Edition

I’m sitting at home with no internet or cable service, due to a massive thunderstorm this evening. So how am I writing this post?!?!??? With an IPhone, so this blog will be brief. No Disrespect does not want a migraine tonight…

So the conundrum of the moment: If given the chance, would you undergo a hysterectomy/vasectomy… for the chance to win a car?!?!???? And not just any ride: authorities in the state of Rajasthan are auctioning off… the world’s cheapest vehicle made today. Along with blenders. Get in line now!!!

Introducing... the Tata NANO!!!

Introducing... the NANO!!!

This campaign is being conducted in hopes of curbing population growth in a region that is already plagued with wayyyy too many people. By 2030, India should easily overtake China in population. The lead doctor, Dr. Sitaram Sharma, is hopeful that at least 20,000 people will be tempted by prizes galore to give up future baby making.

Although very controversial, is a campaign to encourage voluntary mass sterilization any worse than China’s “one child per couple” reproductive policy?





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