Girls, Girls, Girls… and Parties

I spent my Saturday evening sitting on a rooftop overlooking Washington, enjoying tapas and wine, chatting with girlfriends.  The conversation has not changed much since our teens… catching up, job, boys, interesting happenings, boys, gossip, boys, politics… boys.   I didn’t know most of the girls there well, but with a combination of a beautiful night, wine and sugar, we all had a great time.   What a successful party!

It, of course, ended with the prerequisite pillow fight!

It, of course, ended with the prerequisite pillow fight!

My friend’s party exemplified the recipe for a perfect get-together: good company, great food and a relaxing atmosphere. Why does this combination go so terribly wrong sometimes? This experience made me think about other parties (not necessarily female-exclusive) that didn’t go so well…  we’ll start with one of my fails and move on quickly:

  • After a particularly drunken Fourth of July Party (I as usual, was the only sober person there…)  I found a thong (that did not belong to me) in my bathroom the next morning.  That was traumatizing, to say the least.  That bathroom got scrubbed for most of the day.

  • It’s always lovely when your party ends abruptly because one of your guests passes out and needs an ambulance for alcohol poisoning. Like above, it can be excused (somewhat) when you’re young, but seriously, in your 30s? Grow the f’ up.

  • Don’t charge me cover to enter your home.  Seriously.  If you can’t afford having guests over, don’t throw a party.  You know who you are.  (Contributing to take-out, if told in advance, is an exception to the rule…)

  • Any party that has liquor and games such as “Truth or Dare,” “Apples to Apples” or “Would You Rather…” is a recipe for oversharing.  There are particular people that I avoid now, knowing what I know.

  • I once went to a “Tiddlywinks Tournament.”  It was supposed to be a joke.  The joke was on the guests of said party.

  • Don’t invite me to a party under shady pretenses.   I was once invited to a “Martini Madness Party,” only to find out that it was a Pampered Chef sell-a-thon once we got there.  Well, nobody brought their checkbook, so that was a bust.


  • Once I went to a “Dukes of Hazard” theme party.  (I should have already been spooked by the fact that an adult was throwing a “theme party,” but I digress…)   It, of course, gave drunk folk a reason to act racist.  To add insult to injury, the host didn’t think through her guest list, and invited people who hated each other, adding a layer of insidious drama.   And we couldn’t even leave, as we were out of town guests.  Ahhh, we had to suffer to the end.

Do you have any horrible party situations to share? Commiserate with me.

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