Six things I learned this week: 6/24/11

Wow.  This week went FAST.  On to the blog, so I can get on with my day…

1.)  Sadly, everything I’ve learned about handling a baby comes from my years of being a pet owner.  Like any other living creature, babies do not like people in their faces who tear them out of their Mommy’s arms in the guise of “playing with them.”   I instead ignore said babies and don’t make eye contact with them until s/he comes to me.  Then I proceed to start playing with them and making a damn fool of myself.  Works every time.   BFFs.  Yeah, did I say I’m good with kids?

2.)  Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) is a loon.

For attribution purposes: Liza Donnelly is a contract cartoonist for the New Yorker and contributor to and other national publications. Her most recent book is “When Do They Serve the Wine?”

3.)  Bridemaids is a great movie!  I finally got around too seeing it… with my parents.  If I could do it again, Mom and Dad would have not been involved in this pursuit.

The crude humor is worse than Wedding Crashers, The Forty Year Old Virgin, and The Hangover combined.  Still, it was humorous watching the folks trying not to laugh while watching said scenes…

4.)  I should have gone to the U2 Concert in Baltimore a few days ago.  The thing is, I don’t like U2.  (Sorry.)   All of their songs sound the same to me.  I can’t argue that with their stage shows though… from what I hear, it was a kick ass show.  And the proceeds of the concert are probably going towards World Peace anyway… so coughing up over $100 might have been worth it.

5.)  This topic will be explored more thoroughly in a blog post next week.  Apparently, for the past several years, beggars in India have been unionizing for better work conditions.   In my home state, they even get a day off now!  More details to come… but of course, it *ahem* “begs” the question…

Do these panhandlers ever go on strike?

6.)  And finally, the most useful tip of the decade thanks to my father’s receptionist.  If you are tired of junk mail (and particularly credit card solicitations), just tear the documents up, place them in the envelope provided with the mailing, and drop it in the mail.  According to Leah, you are promptly taken off of the organization’s mailing list afterwards.

Have a good weekend!


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One Response to Six things I learned this week: 6/24/11

  1. Rachel says:

    I think you are right on in how to handle babies. Always a good idea to wait for the baby to warm up to the adult! Winking is a great way to get a baby’s attention without threatening the baby in any way. Or threatening the Mom. I cannot tell you how many grandmas at Walmart thought my babies wanted to be picked up by a stranger. Drove me nuts. Thankfully, my kids are now nearing middle school and while they are delightful children on most days, strangers don’t know that and tend to shy away from pre-adolescents. lol.
    I’ll try #6 and let you know.

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