Strange Foods in DC: Take Three

Well, I’ve blogged about food for the past two days, so let’s make it a trifecta.   I was reading an article this morning about one woman’s quest to find an eyeball taco in Chicago (it apparently exists!), and thought to myself… hmmm… do strange foods exist in our nation’s capital? After a cursory literature review on the internet, I have some news to report.   Of course we do!  Read below:

NOTE:  I don’t eat red meat, so I can’t vouch for any of the menu items or restaurants listed below unless otherwise noted.

Oyamel is the most famous of the “strange” menu item moniker.  One of Jose Andres’ restaurants, it’s an “upscale” Mexican eatery… whatever that means.   Try their grasshopper tacos, because that just screams haute cuisine…





At the fancy frou-frou Georgetown restaurant La Chaumière, Cervelle de Veau au Beurre Noir  (Calf’s Brain Sautéed with Brown Butter and Capers) makes a showing on the menu.  For just under $20, you can flirt with Mad Cow Disease.  You can apparently also order brain at Bistro D’oc if you ask nicely.

Bolivian cuisine is also bizarre to American Tastes…  At Llajtaymanta or Luzmillas in Falls Church, VA, you will be faced with a menu as challenging as the names of these restaurants. Why don’t you order the beef jerky, pickled pork roll, small intestine or tripe?   Beef tongue anyone?  (On an unrelated note, I totally recommend Luzmillas for their saltenas…  It’s only 9 AM, and my mouth is salivating.)

Lastly, one must look to to the Asian places that serve animal parts you never knew existed, much less thought about eating. Tongue, tendon, organ meat, duck feet, blood, tripe… yummo!

Several Chinese restaurants (notably Hong Kong Palace in Falls Church) serve dishes of beef penis (listed on the menu as “p with [whatever preparation]”.  Peking Village in Merrifield also has dishes of blood and other unusual main ingredients.  For both restaurants, you will have to ask for the Chinese menu… they don’t want the majority of their customers to back away in fear…

Joe’s Noodle House  and Bob’s Noodle 66, both in Rockville, however, doesn’t play around.  They have their menu on the internet for all to see.   They have a healthy menu of kidneys, tripe, and all kinds of fun organ meats.  Order the smelly bean curd, the intestine rice sausage, the fried intestine, or the pig ear.  Or maybe the pig stomach sour mustard soup, the intestine with pig’s blood, the duck tongues, or the duck blood won’t make your stomach curdle.    Not to feel left out, in VA, an abundance of organ meats, tripe, congealed blood, jellyfish, etc. can be found as well.  Full Kee restaurant in Bailey’s Crossroads (Falls Church) has all that and more.

Everybody can resume their diets now…


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One Response to Strange Foods in DC: Take Three

  1. Michelle says:

    I will say that my dad loved, loved, loved tongue. And we are Cajun. I would have nothing to do with it. However, I do love me some good organ meat. Heart is the best, followed by gizzard and liver. These are not regular staples in my home, and I’m pretty sure my kids have never tried any of them. But I grew up in Louisiana, so of course I have!

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