Crazy in the Kitchen: Indian Food

Yes, I’m Indian.  And yes, I know how to make Indian food at home… in fact, I like what I cook better than what I can get in the restaurants.  You see, restaurant-style Indian food is generally is full of fat and cream… it’s too filling.  Also, I like lots of spice in my food, which I know most of you white people can’t take very well… I shake my spices like a madwoman – it’s like exercise to me.

My friends hint periodically that I should invite them to my house to make a nice hot cooked meal for them…  They LOVE Indian food and want to sample something “authentic.”  Buyer beware: the next time I have guests over for dinner, I’m serving them this…



What an ugly looking vegetable!!!!  Rest assured, once it’s chopped up and cooked, it looks like:

Well, without the tomato and cilantro display...

Well, without the tomato and cilantro display...

Well, what is the heck is it?  It’s called karela, and yes, it’s ugly on the outside… and well, depending on who you talk to (i.e., 95% of the world), it’s ugly on the inside too.    As most aficionados of nasty culinary tastes say, it is, *ahem…* “definitely an acquired taste.”

No matter how it’s stir-fried/roasted/baked… once you place it in your mouth, it will definitely pucker.   Karela is one of the most bitter tasting contraptions that you will EVER put on your tongue.  Even in my very-Indian household, only my dad and I will eat it.  Everybody else takes a look at the dish, wrinkles their nose and promptly orders take-out.

Are your taste buds watering now???  And more importantly, who’s bringing the vino?

Karela Recipe

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3 Responses to Crazy in the Kitchen: Indian Food

  1. Whoops! Karela is apparently a fruit! *Hangs head in shame*

  2. Michelle says:

    Aw, don’t hang your head. Most people also put the tomato in the vegetable category, and it is a fruit. No big deal. I also shake my spices like a mad woman, with cayenne and paprika being my favs. Why don’t we trade authentic foods? I’ll come over for Indian food, and you can come over for Cajun food?

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