Six things I learned this week: 6/17/11

Let’s quit the small talk and get to the action.  Yeah, baby!



1.) DC has been unseasonably beautiful this week.  Temperatures have been in the 70s-80s with very little humidity.  Unfortunately, great weather is not conducive to actually getting any work done.  My farmer’s tan, however, is in full force…

2.)  I will never, ever, ever be one of those people who love to exercise.  I’ve been consistently lifting weights and doing aerobics 5-6 times a week for a month now.  I’m still waiting for the endorphins (or anything) to kick in, but it’s always an effort EVERYDAY to get myself moving.

I have more energy now, but when you work from home, energy really isn’t a priority.  It’s like drinking eight cups of coffee before you go to bed.  BAD!  But I’ll continue on, since I started the habit… well, until I won’t.

3.) Apparently, all of you guys like when I dress up my cat in stupid costumes. My most popular blog post ever is one where I contributed all of two words… thanks, guys! Smile with tongue out

4.)  Since starting a daily blog, I’ve had to re-learn HTML and CSS again.  I was hoping for the whole WYSIWIG experience, but no, formatting never works right when you rely on editors to do it for you… (see earlier posts.)  I guess I can put my newfound skills (again) on my resume.

5.)  One more comment about my blog, then I’m done with the topic for today.  I find it funny that people comment on my stupid posts… on my Facebook page.  Since 99% of my traffic comes from my FB friends, it’s no big deal, but you guys are leaving out two people who come in from Indonesia everyday.  (????? <— yeah, I’m clueless as to how these international readers found this blog…)

To these two random people: my friends are funny too.

6.)  I’m allowed to take a blog vacation.  It’s summer, and I have company in town, so I’m clocking out.  I’ll see you guys Tuesday.  I order you now to go forth and enjoy your weekend!!!!


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One Response to Six things I learned this week: 6/17/11

  1. Michelle Menard Foskett says:

    OK, commenting here: Welcome Indonesian friends! And dress-up cats are FUN! Have a great weekend, read you next week!

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