Cassette Tapes and Whatnot

Ahhh, the old cassette tape.   Memories of my youth involve calling the local radio station, requesting a  song… and then hovering over the record button (for sometimes over 30 mins) to record it off the stereo.  I still have many of my mix tapes… too bad I have no way of playing them – my boombox went bust years ago.   Who knows what 80s gems are contained in my tracks…


So what’s all this nostalgia about?  I went to a Depeche Mode dance party this weekend.  Six hours of Dave Gahan blaring though the turntable…  I was in heaven.   It has been a long time that music has made this this… happy!   Surrounded by 200 of my closest friends (most of them around my age), we jammed to pretty much every DM song ever written.  Well, almost.  We would have to have probably been there for an additional six hours to hear their entire discography.

White boys bustin’ a move.  All races in attendance laughing at them.  Pleated skirts.  Concert shirts.  (No black trench coats though… where were my goths(?))

My friend had to leave early, so I found some strangers to dance with.  In another throwback to Middle School, everybody was dancing in groups… go figure.


Depeche Mode’s 101 Album was one of the first cassettes I ever bought.  And yes, I still have it somewhere.  Too bad I can’t pop it in to play.  I guess I’ll do as the kids do and download my favs as mp3s.  Not the same though… definitely not the same…


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