Six Things I’ve Learned This Week: 6/12/11

1.) I should probably write down my WordPress password.  I forgot my account password… which made me lose a day writing this darn blog.  Old people problems…



2.)  Eighties music was nasty.  I stumbled upon this website yesterday, which went to detail about the meaning of some of my favorite songs.  Turns out I was jamming to drug anthems as a kid…

Yeah, what he said

Yeah, what he said



3.)  The Internet is getting way too damn personal.  Now that I’ve (accidentally) seen Weiner’s Weiner, I might have to stab my eyes out.   (And no, nasty folk, no picture will be linked.)  And now that Facebook has implemented facial recognition software, I’m seriously considering taking my pictures down on Facebook and online dating sites.  In the future, I forsee people clicking on your picture, and figuring out who you are and where you live.  Now, that’s just scary…





4.)  Two words I never want to hear again:  “Peeps”  (unless you’re referring to the Easter Candy) and “Epic”  (unless you’re referring to Homer’s Novels)

Not every weekend can be “epic” people!  You just had a busy one with your “peeps.”




5.)   Finally getting around to drycleaning all of your winter clothes in the throws of summer will get you one very deserved sideeye…

Bitch, Please...

Bitch, Please...



6.)  And on a serious note, to end, karma does come back to you.  I’m living proof at the moment.  I’m out about $9 and a pen… I gave them away this week to strangers who asked for it.  As a result, I:

1.) found a job without even trying (no resume was required);

2.)  A friend paid for my groceries (because I gave all my money away to said strangers 🙂 = thanks, Kim! ); and

3.) got reduced taxifare home because I was unsure if I had enough cash in my wallet at 2:30 AM.  (Turns out I did have enough, and he got a very nice tip.  And if you know DC cab drivers, they NEVER do this… they’d rather drive you around to every ATM machine in the region just so they get paid…).




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