Weiner’s Weiner… and other things I don’t want to think about

Not a funny post today guys.   I have been asked to comment on this story, which is just a sad, sad tale.  Because I live in Washington, DC, apparently, I must have some political insight that you guys in the flyover states don’t. [Editor’s Note: No I don’t.  When it comes down to it, I’m just as full as s**t as the person next to me.]



I shouldn’t be surprised that we’re still talking about the SCANDAL OF 2011.  A married man actually using twitter to show his junk (and his malformed chest) to a bunch of women… shocker, I know.   In the whole space-time continuum, Anthony Weiner is the MOST despicable person alive… well, at least until the news cycle changes.

For full disclosure, I consider myself a Democrat.  But I do not toe the party line on all issues – I am surprisingly conservative at times.   I have the capacity to think for myself, and just because someone tells me to believe something, doesn’t mean I’ll actually do it.

I’m not going to go into the history  behind what happened.  That’s what the news is apparently for.  Those of you that actually watch/read it have, like me, been beaten over the head with this story for the past week now.

So this dude emails pictures and sexts women (other than his wife), and was caught.  He lied and lied some more until irrefutable evidence was presented… and then in a crybaby press conference, admitted to sexting and sending naughty pictures of himself to several woman, but stressed that he did not have sexual relationships with any of them.  (Allegedly – I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out later that he did.  He’s lied once already… what’s another one for sport?)

So who was the provocateur that broke the story?  Ahhh…. BigGovernment.com… a very decidedly Republican operation run by Andrew Breitbart whose mission seems to be to destroy the Democratic establishment, one member/organization at a time.   I don’t like dirty politics… and this Big Government website is the epitome of sleeze…  This Breitbart guy is making all Republicans look like right-wing crazy loons, which I know is not the case.

And just for the record, all that Breitbart broke is that we have a Democratic congressman that likes to sext and send dirty pictures to women.  Weiner has not lied under oath (Clinton), or been a hypocrite about his respective scandals (Ensign, Sanford, Craig).   It remains to be seen if he broke any House ethics rules/broke laws (i.e., Spitzer) by using his political office to shush his harem, and if it’s true, he should resign sooner rather than later.  From what I understand at this particular moment, I can safely say that Anthony Weiner is an immature, small man (well, in one sense)… who handled his biz-ness very poorly.

Right now, I’ll put him in the category of Arnold Schwarzenegger… Grade A-douchebag extraordinaire, but not a crook.  They both got a lot of  ‘splaining to do with their (soon to be ex-) wives though, which may be more painful.

Sidenote: I’m fascinated that Weiner’s wife works for Hillary Clinton.  I wonder what late night conversations those two women are having…  Things that make you go hmmmm….

In the end,  this whole sideshow has taken another colossal cheater off the funny pages…  John Edwards, which I believe is a more newsworthy (and criminal) story.  Edwards deserves everything that is coming to him.

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