A Name is a Name… Until it Isn’t…

You can blame my friend Eric for today’s blog… he’s the one who (kind of) suggested this story to me.

Just dig yourself a bigger hole, No!

Call me tool.

So, in a previous post, I discussed how in High School my very Asian Indian first name was Anglicized by a friend.  (Now, I’m pretty confident that 99.9% of you know what my name is, as the only place this blog is pointing to now is Facebook.   But for that nebulous 0.1% of you, let’s keep the mystery going…)  For years, Indian folk have called me one name; Americans/Assorted other members of the human race another.  It became normal; I’ll answer to both. But when I ran into an Indian dude that did the same, I realized how tool-ish it is.

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been deciding if I wanted to revert back to my given name, and just have everybody call me it.  It will be weird though… only my family and closest family friends call me “No…”  And I really, truly dislike it when people mispronounce it.  People, amongst Indian names, mine is one of the easiest.  Give a girl a break and at least TRY to say it right.

I made the first step yesterday and tried to change my first name on Facebook.  The operating word was: TRIED.  Apparently, with the newest version of Facebook, you CAN’T change your name easily… which of course, irritated the hell out of me and made me throw my laptop at my cat.  [**Just kidding, folks…  I actually thew a 10 lb weight at her.**]

... She was not amused

... She was not amused


Well, if something is not on Facebook… it’s not official at all!   I guess I’m “No” until further notice.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress… it will be good bedtime material.



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